Video Services

Marketing video production

marketing video productions for businesses to improve branding and attract more clients through online marketing. Short effective marketing videos. “Why do I need a marketing video?” If you want your business marketing to be as effective as possible, video is one fo th best ways to do that.

Industrial business marketing video
Business training video showing businessman

About US video production

Businesses need to share what they are all about with new clients. This needs to be done in a way that is fast and effective. New clients do not want to read through pages of info to know more about your business. Make it easy and entertaining for them with an about-us video.

Training video production

There is no more effective way to provide consistent training than with video. Video allows learners to either work at their own pace or keep a class working at the same pace. The video never changes so training stays consistent. Quality is maintained throughout. 

Business training video showing company staff smiling

Don’t have a big budget for your video marketing? Or do you want to add to your video marketing collection?

Then this budget video service is for you. Perfect for Facebook adverts. Fast turn around, low price high quality video. 12 seconds long so great fro any video advertising platform including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or almost any video advertising.


Questions you might have about our video productions.

This can vary from production to production depending on the complexity, number os video shoot days, how much additional editing is required for graphics, effects and animation. Most marketing video productions of 1:30 to 2:00 minutes take on average 2 weeks.

This too can vary from as little as a few thousand to hundreds of thousand and even millions depending on the requirements produce the video. On average though our prices for corporate video productions are more affordable than most in Johannesburg.

The copyrights for the video are transferred to the client once all payments are made. Any content which is licensed for the creation of the video will only be the property of the client as a fixed part of the completed video. The individual content items will not become the property of the client. The client also does not own the original footage unless arrangements have been made with Absolutely AV to take over ownership of the original footage from Absolutely AV Video Productions. 

This is quite a common questions as many people have never been in front of a camera before. While it is not always necessary to be in the video yourself, it can add to the personal touch of the video. But fear not as Absolutely AV is very experienced at assisting first timers to perform at their best in their first video. Once you get the hang of it you may want to make even more videos with you in it. We have decades of radio, TV and online performance assistance experience.

Many people think it will save on the costs to film the video themselves and then have an editor clean up the video in the edit. This unfortunately is incorrect thinking. The videographer records the video to be as close to edited level to reduce the “clean up” time in the edit. This means that if a poor quality video is edited, it takes much longer to edit and the editing costs can be higher than the video shoot. To be sure you get the best quality and have a fixed budget price which is very affordable, have one of our videographers capture the best video for you.