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We’ve completed hundreds of video production projects for leading South African and international brands, in sectors including manufacturing, technology, advertising, tourism, induction, and education in Gauteng. All are done to comfortably fit our client’s budgets.

We can help you attract new customers, share your message with other companies, and engage employees. Whatever you do, high-end video can communicate it like nothing else.

Many companies have chosen us not just for our great prices but for our video excellence too. Find out how our videos can help your business. Of the video production companies in Johannesburg that can provide high-quality videos at an affordable price, we are one of the most trusted. Check out our reviews. You will be glad that you did.

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Our High Quality Work

Video production for companies in Johannesburg, Gauteng and across South Africa.

Our Video Production Services

Good marketers need all kinds of videos, our painless approach to video creation can apply to any of these kinds of videos and more …

Looking for top video corporate production companies in Johannesburg who offer superior service at excellent prices? Well, you just found it with Absolutely AV Video productions in Gauteng South Africa. Cape Town services are also available.

Keeping social media accounts up to date and attracting potential new clients means creating video content that draws in an audience. Keep customers coming back time and again for your great video content. Annotations of video posts are available.

Safety and induction training is a very important part of a company’s safety policy and legal requirements for businesses mean a video is a perfect fit for company staff training. Video content remains consistent and easy to consume. SHEQ safety videos.

Perfect for branding and company marketing. Video is the best way to get your name out and share more about your business. Whether for broadcast or online marketing, video is the fastest-growing medium.

In industrial businesses, the visual aspect of both marketing and awareness is very well suited to video training. Turn your product and walk-through videos into marketing power. Turn technical into attraction.

Filmed events can turn into great online content. An audience can also be created from a distance without needing physical attendance. An event video can also be content for online and internal video training.

Many videos can be done best as animation. 2D and 3D animation can provide a platform for a range of videos from training to marketing and social media content. Voiceovers are available too.

Show off your products and attract buyers with focused product demonstration videos and product explainer videos. Show the benefits and features of your products in a variety of ways. Tailor-made product videos that suit your business style.

Voiceovers are sent to your inbox. That’s right! No need to go to a studio to record or deal with any agency fees. A straightforward process of turning your script into a high-quality voiceover with our in-house voice artist. The recording is done remotely and sent to you anywhere in South Africa. Clean clear voice recordings for your videos, IVR, On Hold, or audiobooks and training.

Additionally, there are no residual fees. That means once you have paid for your recording, you never need to pay again for the category you purchased for.  The recording is yours forever, to use in the category you purchased it for. Peace of mind after your purchase.

Click here to find out more about our VOICE OVERS.

We also provide transcription services for video and audio recordings. We are one of the few video production companies in Johannesburg that provide voice-overs as a stand-alone service and as part of our video productions.

A Team of Pros Making Video Content for You

Your brand deserves better than an aspiring filmmaker trying to create art when you need results-focused video content. You need a video service company based in Johannesburg that can look after your video requirements, so you can focus on your long list of other responsibilities. You can trust quality video at an affordable price.

Our services included recording, editing, post-production, voice-overs, and sound productions, incorporating the client’s unique brand, colours, and tone. Our expertise covers both marketing and full-cycle video production – from raw ideas to publishing. Our approach is client-specific, and we create custom marketing-oriented videos for SMEs, start-ups, and digital agencies.

And that’s what we bring, A focused production partnership where we spend time understanding your brand and your project needs so that we can take the stress off your hands and look after the video production for you. We also specialize in working with companies that have never made a video before. So rest assured that you are in good hands with your first video production.

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Video Production Companies In Johannesburg

One of the fastest-growing areas of online marketing is digital content & video. If you are looking to market your South African business online, then video should be your main focus.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that although video production companies in Johannesburg South Africa should be able to provide a range of video types, what matters is the type that will best suit your online marketing campaign. The length, content, and style all need to match the market and target audience to be as effective as possible.

When you are talking with a video service company or video production house about your marketing video be sure that you know what your final outcome should be. Is it brand awareness, getting customers to call, or is it a value add content?

Ai video and social media content will be added to our repertoire soon. SHEQ safety companies need induction videos.

For our Cape Town Video Services. We also provide audio-visual services in Johannesburg. For sound hire Johannesburg.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are different ways, or stages, in which projects come to video production companies with different requirements and outcomes so each project affects the workflow of the final video. These variations normally depend on how far along the production path the client has gone before contacting the video production company.

They may have come up with the concept, the basics of the look and feel of the video, and even a list of content for the video. In other cases, there may be the need for a complete video production service that is provided with no other input from the client. In most cases though, when companies want a corporate video made they have a basic idea of what they want and, in many cases, have an example of a competitor’s video or a video about something completely different, which they like the look and feel of, and want that adapted to their needs.

At whichever stage the video company becomes involved, they will pick up from there. In some cases, it will need to be started from scratch. In other cases, if the road map and ideas provided are good, the video production company can build on the given work. Of all the video production companies in Johannesburg to choose from you will be glad you chose us for both price and quality.

The stages are

  1. Research for the need of and application of the video

  2. Creation of concept

  3. Road map or storyboard

  4. Production planning

  5. Filming

  6. Editing

  7. Reviewing

  8. Completion

Each stage requires its own level of expertise, equipment and time to complete.

The full production of a video can include many people and skills outside of the main production team such as creatives, marketing experts, and producers.

The video production team that most people would know of would be the people who are involved directly with the filming and editing of the videos.

This team is often fulfilling and completing the process of an already created production.

This team will either go out to the venue, or film set, and film the required footage or will create and collect the content such as animation characters and other content such as graphics or stock footage. This is the content creation part of the production team’s work.

Then the team moves on to putting the content into a framework set out earlier. This is then edited to have the best flow, image quality, and sound quality. This is the editing or post-production part.

The production team includes, but is not limited to, a videographer/cinematographer, director of photography (DOP), sound technician, lighting technician, producer, and a range of assistants for each team member’s work. The post-production team includes, but is not limited to: editor, director, producer, animator, graphics artist, graphics designer, sound engineer/technician as well as a range of assistants for each team member’s work.

To make a video the skills range from the creative to the production and post-production. There are also different categories of videos such as training, marketing, induction safety, internal messaging, and a range of others.

Different video production companies offer different levels of expertise and project sizes. Some will provide only the filming and editing while others will offer a complete service of market research, concept creation, filming, editing, and even posting and scheduling of videos for marketing purposes.

Depending on the size of the video production company their available services may vary, often in direct relation to their cost. Larger projects, and the number of skilled staff required, will often correlate with their price tag.

Some video services require more skills and therefore more people and equipment. An online marketing video can be done with as few as one or two people. A TV show or movie can involve dozens and even hundreds of skilled people.

Production companies mostly focus on the larger services such as TV shows and movies while video production companies often focus on smaller productions such as marketing and training videos. There is however often a cross-over between the work of large production companies and smaller video production companies.

There are steps before and after the actual video production. These are called pre-production and post-production. A complete video production though can often include all three stages. So, complete video production could include but does not always require:


Identifying the need for, and outcome required, for the final product.

Market research.

Concept creation.

Look and feel development.

Identifying skills required and which people or companies can provide these.

Creating a budget.



Using pre-production information to build a storyboard and production schedule.

Most of the planning can go into the pre-production stage but often parts are left out. This means that these will be included in the production stage.

Filming or animation creation.

Audio recording including voiceovers and/or presenter and character voices. Included is any other audio such as set sounds and sound effects.

Collecting the additional footage such as stock video, images and music, and sound effects.

All that creates or obtains footage or content of any kind needed, will be included in this part of the video production. What is also included will be all the documentation such as release documents and any other legal requirements.


Parts of post-production can also be included in the production stage such as editing, audio recording, and audio editing, as well as color grading.

Post-production is mostly defined as the “editing” part. This means taking all the footage and content and turning it into a final video product. There are also “fine-tuning” activities that involve cleaning and customizing the final look and feel of the video. These can be color grading or even sound design.

In the film and video industry these three are clearly defined and separate stages. However, to most clients, these can be provided separately or as complete video production.

Some corporate video clients will have most of the pre-production done and only need the remaining two parts while other clients may need everything done from concept to completion and even posting or scheduling of the video product. Some clients only need the video production part done because they have the skill sets to complete pre-production and post-production themselves.

The categories or types of video can be broken down into a few categories with subcategories within the video production type.

The main types are:

  1. Marketing

  2. Training

  3. Entertainment

  4. Messaging

  5. Record keeping

Subcategories included:

  1. Broadcast commercials, online adverts, direct marketing, online marketing videos, online video content, social media content, branding, and competitions.

  2. Induction training, safety videos, equipment training, user manual videos, skills development, warnings, and education programs.

  3. TV shows, movies, online content, music videos, performances, and documentaries.

  4. Internal memo videos and public messaging or announcements.

  5. Legally required recordings, company records, evidence, and stock creation.

The type of video being made will determine what should be included.

The content, and messaging included in videos, can be as simple as “explainer videos” having a voice-over and basic imaging.

In training videos, all that is being instructed, or trained on, needs to be included.

Marketing videos, depending on the target audience, can need the inclusion of visuals to attract the viewer, a compelling message being a voice-over or presenter, in-video text, animation, typography, and a call to action. On the other hand, a branding video may have no call to action at all, only a message with visuals, or often, only visuals as a brand recognition exercise.

An experienced video production company can look at your requirements and video type and offer solid advice as to what should be included and often what should be excluded. Other factors are often as important, if not more important, than what should be included such as the length, the targeting, and the impact or effectiveness of what is included in video productions.

All that is needed is the knowledge applicable to the video needs you have. For example, if you intend to make a marketing video for your company, you do not need to know about how documentaries are made.

Each video production type has specific skill sets and applications. Once you are clear on what outcome you require, a video type can be chosen. Then the related skill set can be determined. You however do not need to have the skills used for these productions. These skills should be provided by the video company you choose to do the work for you. What you do need to know is what those skills are and have a good understanding of what those skills cost.

It is best to do your homework as far as what is available in the market. Which companies offer which skills and how do they compare price-wise?

Knowing what is needed for your video not only makes sure you get the right skills and staff but you also eliminate unnecessary expenses. Some skills are not needed in some video types or can end up being an over-kill in smaller productions.

The main thing you need to know is what is the exact requirement to fulfill the final video product creation.

The main difference is that a studio is using a fixed venue where the filming will be done. A production company can work in, or at, a variety of venues which may include a studio. A video crew from video production companies in Johannesburg can go anywhere in the Gauteng or across the country.

A studio may include green screen filming or a complete set. In the film industry, a studio called a “sound stage” is often used. The studio is actually for filming and not specifically for sound but it is “soundproofed” so there is no outside audio interference. This means that the sound recorded while filming will be cleaner. The sound studio on the other hand is rarely filmed and only the sound is recorded there. The one exception is where an audio recording is filmed for example for a music video.

A production company, on the other hand, can include all types of filming and sound recording on sets, in offices, or almost any other venue. This includes animation. They can also use all the facilities available to studios. Often studios and video production companies work together or subcontract each other to complete their projects.

In some cases, film studios are dedicated to specific TV shows or programs. Each studio may have only one program they are working on or can be open to a rotation of programs. In some cases, the studios are open to public and business use.

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