Established in 2003

The History and experience of Absolutely AV

Our experience began in the mid 1990’s with working in the film industry and TV. This involved post production audio work done on movies for cinema including big name productions for well-known film directors in South Africa. This also included working in post production audio for big name TV adevrts and broadcast TV shows for the SABC.

How We Grew.

Absolutely AV Video Productions moved into HD and Hybrid video production, providing affordable high quality video productions to businesses.

Video Went Online

Video production companies in Johannesburg

Our Experience

A range of post production services included transfer of content from devices such as Nagra device to super 16 mm film. Post production work was done on U-matic video machines and DV Cam equipment. Experience was gained on one of the first ever completely digital audio suites long before audio software became available to consumers.

At the early stages of independent film making and productions, mini DV and VHS tape machines were used. This meant experience with equipment that had little to no automatic technology to assist the camera operator. The work included wedding videos and corporate event videos for conferences. There was a stage of turning either training or internal messaging to DVD discs and distributing them throughout a business. There were also attempts at mini DVD disc for distribution as electronic business cards.

Work done

In 2003 the business of Absolutely AV was officially established. This became an all encompassing audio visual production team. Absolutely AV was one of the first to provide AV equipment hire and video production under one roof. The result was a production company in Johannesburg that could cater for all conference and event needs.
The company changed and adapted to the market and began focusing more on marketing videos for small and medium sized businesses. By 2013 Absolutely AV was providing high quality HD video which was compatible with online video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

As South African internet began to catch up with international speeds, video became a more viable option for marketers and companies in Gauteng and around South Africa. Companies from Sandton to Germiston, Pretoria to Johannesburg South, began to realize the importance of video for marketing.
What began as a trickle in 2013 turned into a flood by 2018 and now the majority of businesses who understand marketing understand the importance of video.


Our Client

This has resulted in Absolutely AV turning the majority of it’s interest to video for online marketing. The experience Absolutely AV has gained, not only form learning from the best but also watching businesses go through the teething process of going online with their marketing, has resulted in insight which very few video production companies in Johannesburg have.

That is the hands-on, ground level struggle of a company to tackle online marketing at a budget and get results that not only make up for the expense of the video production but also the creation of a new client base and growth of the company which offered multiple measures of return on the cost of the production.

Many business have learned to trust in the experience and skills of Absolutely AV and as a result have developed long term relationships with us and have returned again and again to work on new and exciting marketing video productions. read more


What out clients think of us.

Fredrik of Call-Med had this to say about our video work:

“I am writing to thank you again for your excellent work in producing our Training videos.You and your staff are professional, courteous, and easy to work with. You listened carefully to our needs, and created sales tools that met them perfectly… Read more