Training video production in Johannesburg

Training video production in Johannesburg

Effective Social Video Experience.

When your company staff need to be up-skilled or need induction then training videos are the way to go for for reliable and consistent business training that can also be watched remotely .

At Absolutely AV Video Productions we know training video and how to make the best use of video for your in-house training or training programs you need to resell. We look at what your company needs to achieve with your training video and tailor a video package to suit you.

How we approach training video is very client-specific and is focused on accuracy of the presented message. From induction videos, to learner modules, general safety training, to education videos, public education and more.

Once we are working together on your videos , you will have the confidence of knowing that your training video is in the safe hands of one of Johannesburg’s most experienced   and trusted training video production company.

For true expertise in the production of your training videos.

When you’ve selected Absolutely AV Video productions, you have chosen a professional training video production partner in Johannesburg with a strong work record in producing training videos.

We have worked with many companies in Gauteng and beyond for over many years. In this time, we have established knowledge and systems to ensure we stay on track. Ensuring our training video production accurately matches your needs and achieves your training communications goal – each and every time.

Business training videos are not only for safety or sales. Training videos can be used for almost all types of learning in business. Some of the topics for video training included sales training, first aid, marketing, systems learning, company policy training, machine use and even inter personal communication. Some of the most advanced sales training is done using video. Marketing videos can be used to market your company but also to teach employees how to do marketing. Corporate video production covers a wide range of needs. While video was used very specicically in the past, now video can be used for almost any sharing of business information.

In-house training video crew

Many training production companies simply outsource your precious work to some freelancers.

Absolute Video production’s team has the knowledge, consistency and reliability to ensure that your training video content is produced to the highest standard. From training concept, to production, filming, voice-overs and final editing we carefully manage the process, to ensure that we deliver consistently high level training video results.

Training Video Specialists

We work with large, medium and small companies and training agencies.

Our clients range from online schools to businesses who want to improve their staff’s learning experience in Gauteng. Avoid the risk by selecting a professional, well established training video production company with a proven record across a range of training programs and platforms.

Training Videos that focus on what matters most to you and your learners

At Absolutely AV Video Productions, we know your training videos not only need to look good but need to deliver accurate training.

Most importantly, your training video needs to send the right message that engages yourlearners and encourages them to follow through on the learned material.

It is our job to help you get your training message on point. We provide this service by carefully listening to ensure we clearly understand your training communication challenges and program goals. We then build a production plan to ensure that your training video content is delivered on time and on budget.

Sheq Safety Training

Safety training which is covered by SHEQ encompasses safety for employees and visitors. There are other aspects covered by SHEQ which are very important to companies but safety is the aspect that most people associate with SHEQ. For most people who are not employed in an industry that may have dangers, but are simply a visitor to such a company mostly understand the emphasis on safety as that is what mostly affects them.
It is for this reason that Induction safety videos included aspects which may not be safety related as well as the safety information that affects the visitor. The visitor also needs to know how they may be in danger and how to avoid these dangers. This for both the safety of the visitor and to protect the company from being seen as negligent or liable for any accidents.

When employees are presented with their version of induction, they normally receive much more information than the visitor. The reason is not only that the company may be more open to liability from employees but also because the employees often have more activities than visitors and are able to do many more things that could place them in danger. Employees or much more likely to make use of dangerous equipment, be involved in more dangerous processes and interact more with dangerous substances and environments.

Whether training is for visitors or employees, video is one of the best ways to improve the understanding of the information. Visitor induction videos have been found to be very effective in viewer retention and comprehention. When the safety of visitors matters, having the visitor undertsand and remember the safety information is very important.