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We’ve completed many audio transcriptions for our clients including legal transcription, creating reliable and accurate text documents for our happy clients. All done to comfortably fit your transcription budget.

We can help you by converting your video, dictation, hearing recording, presentation and many other types into a text document. Documents are provided as digital files, delivered electronically via email to print or provided as a physical paper document at an additional cost. Or contact us for our range of services including conference recording and video capture.

Many happy businesses and individuals have chosen us not just for our great prices but for our accurate transcriptions and excellent service too.

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Our High-Quality Transcription Services

Transcribing company in Johannesburg, Gauteng and across South Africa for business and individuals.

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Meeting recorded with audio which is then transcribed
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Legal audio recordings need accurate transcribing to ensure the information is correctly turned into text. Many legal cases rely on transcribed documents so it makes sense to get it right.

Capturing what has been said in a meeting is important. Having a text document of the meeting is as important if not more because the text is easier to share and to consume than audio or video.

 Dictation is an excellent way to capture your ideas while they are in your mind. Creating important information to share is also great for dictation. Then have your dictation transcribed.

Presentations and lessons are perfect for creating learning material for your staff and students. A day’s teaching can be turned into a lifelong learning tool. Classes can also review their lessons by reading the transcript.

We audio capture conversations and presentations during conferences. The audio can be used on its own as training material and shared or transcribed for other purposes. Digital recording devices are used. Single or multi-track systems are available.

Capturing multiple attendees’ voices requires multiple microphones. Conference desk microphones are best for this. Cordless microphone systems are also available where only one or two people are speaking.

Live sound and video AV equipment. Audio and video presentation PA systems and projectors. Sound engineers are also available for presentation AV. Audio recording can also be done at the same time as controlling the sound and projectors.

Events can be recorded using video or audio recorders, cordless microphones and HD video cameras. The video and audio can both be transcribed. These can be used for a range of applications including legal, training and sharing.

Our Sound And Transcribing Services

Our professional transcription services in Johannesburg are provided electronically to the whole of South Africa. Whether you have a legal case in Cape Town or Conference recording in Johannesburg we can help. Turn podcasts and lessons into textbooks. 

Turn meetings and hearings into legal documents. Many videos need subtitles. These can be created from the video or the audio extracted from the video.

All transcriptions can be provided as a digital file that is emailed to you or, if you would prefer printed copies, we can provide that service for you too.

Our transcription services in South Africa are accurate and made to fit your budget. If you need a fast turnaround time, we can help. If you need a more affordable transcription and have the time to spare we can have it done at a better price.

Transcription and Audio Recording

Transcription Companies in South Africa

Transcribing companies in Johannesburg should provide you with high-quality transcriptions. They should also provide a range of audio and video services. These can range from recording hearings to turning audio files into documents.

Transcription companies in South Africa can provide a range of services from conference recording to sub-titles.

Whether you are a legal firm or business, you need accurate and affordable transcription.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of transcribing a voice recording to text can take between three and four hour per one
hour of audio.
This is the time for the transcriber but most transcription companies need to go through a process of
documentation and payments
Which will take additional time. In many cases, unless it is an emergency transcription done over-
night, transcriptions of a range of lengths can take a few days to weeks.

In most cases, a transcription client will complete an application document which has all the details
about the audio recording and the clients details.
The transcribing company then sends the quotation to the client. After accepting, signing and
returning the quote to the transcription service with the proof of payment, the transcriber begins
Once the transcription is complete, it is proofread to make sure there are no errors.
Then when all payments are completed, the transcription document is emailed to the client in a
digital document format.
The completed transcriptions can also be printed on paper and couriered to the client.

Transcriptions can be useful for a range of audio and video recordings. Each transcription type has its
own application. For example, a hearing audio recording can be transcribed to be used in a legal
case. A video voice-over can be transcribed to be sub-titles. Dictation can be transcribed, saving the
client the time to type the information out. The deaf, or hard-of-hearing people, cannot listen to the
audio so they need the text version or subtitles.
In many cases, the transcribing is a legal requirement as the audio will not be accepted on its own.

Anyone who has an audio or video file and wants to have it in writing needs transcription services. A
range of services are available for transcription. The possible clientele includes law firms, education
facilities, business people and even YouTube content creators. In legal cases transcription services
can be a necessity and even a prerequisite.

Transcriptions or, more accurately transcriptionists, listen to pre-recorded audio and type out the
text equivalent of what they hear. They use a range of equipment from audio applications to foot
pedal and headphones. The combination of equipment assists the transcription. The tools also help
to speed up the process.

There are two types of transcriptions. They are standard and verbatim. Standard is where the
transcriptionist types the version of the audible voices that is best understood without the ums and
other non-verbal audio. Then there is verbatim which is when all the coughs, laughs, sneezes and
ums are included. In legal cases, verbatim is the preferred type. In more corporate and training
environments the standard transcription is more common.

The final product of transcription can be a digital text file such as a .doc or can be a physical printed
paper document. The digital file can be sent electronically such as on email while the physical
document will need to be delivered by hand or by courier.

The price of transcriptions can vary depending on the type. There are the major factors
which affect the cost and they are the length of the recording and, importantly, how quickly
the transcription needs to be done. An overnight transcription costs more than that which is
done over a few days or weeks. Legal and private transcriptions can also have different

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