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Corporate Videography Company Location in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa.

Corporate video production company location for Absolutely AV. Located in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa.

The areas we service though are much wider. Many of our video production customers are in the East Rand, Sandton, Randburg, Centurion, Pretoria, Midrand, Boksburg, Edenvale, Parktown and Northern areas of Johannesburg. Our distant video clients though have ranged from Tzaneen to as far as Cape Town. There are additional costs as a result of the need to travel. This includes moving camera equipment and people to these areas. Are prices for video productions are very affordable so often even though there is an additional cost because of the distance, it often works out better than local video production companies doing the same work.

It also happens that many larger companies have offices in many areas so would have to deal with travel at some point. Many of these companies also have their head offices in Johannesburg and Pretoria with satellite offices in Durban, Cape Town, The Free State and other areas around South Africa such as Tzaneen. The“production companies in Gauteng” often charge very high prices for travel. We at Absolutely AV try to keep the travel costs to a reasonable amount .

While there are video production companies in South Africa who are closer to the clients, the proximity does not always translate into a good match between client and video service provider. That is why many of our clients are willing to pay for the travel costs. There is also the measure of consistency when it comes to video productions. Having the same company doing the videos for all areas of a business results in a consistent look and feel of the videos. Each video production company can have its own “look” and style while also having a different approach to how the video should be done.

Johannesburg Video Production Can Be Done Around South Africa

Larger companies, needing corporate video production companies to create video content, often need to send the videographer far and wide to show their products and services. A good example is a mining company who may have a head office in Johannesburg, would need to show off their mining facilities which could be spread hundreds of miles or kilometers apart. Even manufacturing companies can have their factories across the country. For the same reason, we at Absolutely AV travel to where the work needs to be done. Smaller businesses often have very little travel and a lot of medium sized businesses consist of one premises. This makes covering all aspects of the business a lot easier. In many cases a complete marketing video for online use, such as YouTube or website video, can be done in one day. This results in a turnaround of two weeks from start to finish. So, your marketing video can be up and running in no time. Have a look at some of our “online marketing videos”. These are complete videos showing an entire marketing or instructional video. It is not a selection of our cherry picked shots. They are complete videos showing our service in a complete product. Absolutely AV is a complete turnkey video production service. We are ready to serve you. Whether you are in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Natal, Free State or Mpumalanga we can help you with your video needs.

Video Done Remotely

There are many video services that can be done remotely. They include voice overs for your videos. Animation can also be done from anywhere. Also if you have already existing video footage, whether recorded professionally or done by you, we can edit those videos remotely. That means many types of videos can be created without the travel expenses. Videos can also be made from photographs. This can be great for marketing or social media videos.