The Cost Of Making A Company Video

What Does It Cost To Make A Company Video?

What does it cost to make a company video?

The discussion which seems to be going round and round is quality versus price in video production in Johannesburg. As much as we all know that you get what you pay for. Would that mean you should spend massive amounts on your company videos to prove to yourself that you got the best. If I sell you an old newspaper for R10 000, does that mean the newspaper is worth that?

Also it begs the question: Do you have to spend the most that you can to be sure you are getting quality. I have always been a bit of a bargain hunter myself so I know what real value is. It's getting something great at a low price. Some would say that's just being cheap. In the economy we find ourselves now, I think more people should become accepting of lower prices.

That does not mean reducing the quality only the price. Or at least having the price fit the product. So if you want a short company video for your website but you don&'t want to spend tens of thousands of rands for it then consider that cheap video production is not such a bad thing if you get good quality. It has always amazed us that a small one man business thinks he needs to use an award winning video production company to have a video about his plumbing business.

Not all great things have to cost a fortune.

Viral video production

Viral Video

Viral videos

There are many people who think a viral video is of a cat falling down or a car launching off a building. While this can be great content for a viral video , what constitutes a viral video is the fact that it gets shared over and over.

Many viral videos have absolutely no purpose but to entertain and be spread around. What many companies want is a viral video to market their brand , product or company. The problem is that if the public feels the video is a set up or a commercial attempt to trick the public into making the video go viral, it will stop dead in it's tracks.

To make a really great viral video, you would need a video production company who knows how to get this done. ABAV can provide you with the skills and insight to turn a simple message into a viral event.

Also keep in mind that doing it yourself can do more harm than good. Use the skills and insight of a professional viral video production company and more importantly a viral video production company in Johannesburg, who can sit with you to come up with great ideas and make an awesome viral video. .

Are there different types of video production companies?

Are there different types of video production companies?

There are a few different types of video production companies to choose from. The first important difference is with the companies that don't do video at all but film productions, which have become very scarce.In fact if you find one you are quite lucky. The reason being that even film has become digital video. Movie Cinemas now don't show films but actually 4K HD video. There is however still a difference between film and video productions in that many video production companies don't make feature films at all but do corporate video work.

The differences between the corporate video production companies are not so dramatic but can affect the final price. The differences become more of a specialization difference. For example, some do "above the line" advertising video whereas some do internal corporate training and marketing videos.

How can this affect you?

Apart from you choosing the right person for the job, there can be a huge difference in the price between companies.The price of a corporate video can vary from R 10 000 to R 1 Million depending on which video company you use.

Many people think that video production work is done on an hourly rate but this couldn't be further from the truth.

All business are affect by, and their costs vary as a result of, time but you cannot buy video production work by the hour in the same way you can buy oranges by the kilo.

There are many important parts that go into the quotation. These can include quality and value of the cameras used, level of expertise of the crew involved, the amount and types of skills required for the final video, such as animation, graphics effects, video camera operator skills, editing, music, and script writing and so on.

So it is important with video production companies, that you make sure that the skill set and equipment used, as well as the time factors, fit with the video project.

The differences are therefore not only academic but are an important part of your decision making.

Can You DIY your Corporate video? Do It Yourself Corporate Video

There are so many reasons to do something yourself and then there are often even more reasons why you really should not DIY. Although something like making a company video seems like something you would want do yourself, it would be like saying "you could paint your own car". Just because you may know how to point a spray paint can does not mean the job will be worthwhile at all. There are so many reasons why people and companies use corporate video production companies.They have the right video and lighting equipment, the skill level and experience to produce a top quality video corporate or marketing videos for companies and businesses.

Corporate video production is really not just about pointing a hand held camera in a certain direction and editing the footage. That is the same as pointing a spray paint can at a car. What results do you really think will come from that? As much as it may be tempting to just pick up your home camera, which you have made so many fantastic holiday videos on, and start making a corporate video. Not only will it more likely be a waste of time and money but if you put that video in the public domain such as on the internet, the damage to your company image may be extensive.

There are some things which cannot be unseen. The impression may be a lasting one. As much as viral video for YouTube is a great temptation, it is one you might do best to resist doing on your own.

The fact is that many of the truly great viral videos which not only bring in millions of views but also bring in business to the owner of the video, are made by professional video production companies and skilled corporate videographers. Often what looks like home made video is in fact a well orchestrated video production which was put together by a team of marketing and video production specialists. So you might ask: "well if it looks home made by a professional then why not make a home made video?" This would be a question which possibly shows that you do not know what is actually happening in the video. There is a saying: "You can only break the rules when you know the rules". Any other way would most likely be a production which, not only professionals but even non video people, can see is a cheap attempt at a home made corporate video production.

Speak to one of the best video production companies in Johannesburg and they can tell you that a great corporate video is not just what looks nice but one that achieves a purpose, whether that is to bring in more business or make the public more aware of a product or service or even a general awareness program such as environmental awareness etc.

Video production companies Johannesburg based or ,any where in the world, are usually filled with experienced , qualified and highly skilled individuals who often put corporate video productions together on a daily basis. The high number of mistakes and pitfalls that can avoided by this knowledge is normally worth the price tag on its own.

Corporate video Johannesburg companies often will sit with you to work on the idea for the video before shooting begins but even if you have already worked out your complete script, story board and other ideas, the corporate video production companies can help with the implementation, not only of the shoot, but also how to use the video in the most effective, and cost effective, way.

Corporate video production companies in Johannesburg such as Absolutely AV can be of great help from the beginning to the end of your professional, highly effective, marketing campaign

DIY corporate video for my company.Trademarks, logos and privacy.

As corporate video begins to become the mainstay of business marketing, more companies are turning to professional video production companies while others try the DIY approach. Apart from the technical skills and knowledge of production companies, there are many local and international laws which can have the DIY video people ending up in seriously hot water.

If it was acceptable to point your camera at anything and turn it into a marketing video then that may have been OK but in reality the amount of trademarks, copyright and privacy laws that can be infringed upon can result in making a DIY video, not only a bad cidea but an extremely dangerous one.

Professional video production companies in Johannesburg, should be informed of these laws and should at least be able to let you know about them.As much as it's always your responsibility to check and abide by the local and international laws, corporate video companies often can assist in helping you stay legal.

Although there are possibly some video companies who do not abide by these laws , those that do, could save you on a lot of stress and bucket loads of money by helping you avoid a costly law suite. Although DIY is often promoted as a great idea to save money, the costs may end up higher than you could have imagined.

One law suite can cost more than many corporate videos. The excuse that didn't know these laws will not cut it. If the video is used in a commercial way to promote a product a service or a brand in any way, you are in the realm of legal trademarks, copyright and privacy laws.

It probably happens all to often that the start up video guy or the DIY will make a video with multiple logos and trademarks in it and not even realise or even see them. As a result of the public being swamped with logos and trademarks over the years in marketing programs from television to Internet to billboards to guerrilla marketing, many people may begin to expect that logos and trademarks are part of their world to the point that they begin asking for clothing with brands and logos displayed on them.

Have you seen someone build a home bar or saloon to entertain themselves and their friends only to cover the thing in big brand names from alcohol manufacturers to tobacco and soft drink companies to give it the "real" look of a genuine bar or saloon.

What they may not realise is that those brands that they see at bars often are either paid for by those companies or are provided to the bars or saloons as part of their dealer agreement. The alcohol companies often see the bar as a marketing opportunity and it works so well that many people believe that a bar doesn't look real if the trademarks are missing.

Although this is possibly a sign of excellent marketing, it can put many uninformed people in danger when they try to do their own marketing.

If you were going to climb a mountain for the first time, wouldn't you first find out as much information as you could first? The dangers alone would probably provoke you into learning as much as you could to protect yourself. The same should apply to video. Although possibly not as dangerous as mountain climbing, video production may be more costly to you.

This is one of those times when "look Before You Leap" can not be over emphasised. Be careful! This applies equally if you're a DIY video person or video production companies in Johannesburg.

This is not legal advice in any way and should not be seen as legal advice. This is simply a "heads up" for those who do not know.

Video not to use for marketing.

It is a known fact that having video on your website can dramatically improve your conversion rate of visitors to customers. This is the case when the video is worth watching. It is not a matter of having the most exciting video in the world but it must at least be good video quality and even more importantly, have good audio quality.

Many over the counter cameras these days can provide reasonably good video, at least for on-line viewing. This however does not guarantee that the person operating the camera can deliver the image quality and very importantly, the sound quality from many of these cameras is not good enough for corporate video.

Many will argue that the cameras now have some of the best microphones with improved audio quality etc. The problem is that the microphone is attached to the camera. You might think, well that's pretty obvious, where else would it be?

On board microphones although more practical are pretty much useless for high quality sound. The reason is not the microphone but the distance from the speaker.

When professional video production companies record sound for a production, they ensure that the microphone is as close to the speaker as possible to avoid "room ambiance" which in layman's terms is called echo.

This echo not only makes it much more difficult to hear the sound but more importantly make the overall video seem cheap and unprofessional.

The whole point of a web page video is to be more attractive to a potential client. Poor sound in a video will pretty much destroy that idea. Many potential clients will perceive you or your company as amateur or cheap.

It has been said by many video production companies in Johannesburg that most people will forgive poor quality video but not poor quality sound. It is amazing how a simple and in fact fairly low quality video can be percieved as high quality if the sound is excellent.

A good example of this in a music video, where the video can be intentialy made to look low quality for an effect but the sound remains broadcast quality. Now imagine that same music video with high quality image and poor quality sound.Would you watch that video? Music videos demonstrate the extreme difference but in business that perception is just as strong.

You do not need to use sound hire Johannesburg companies to record the high quality sound. Simply use a corporate video production company who knows how to record high quality sound. This can be done as the person speaks or can be recorded in a sound booth separately. This also does not have to be done at a professional sound studio if the video company has the facilities.

This can make the video affordable but high quality. If you want to do the recording yourself then at least rent a lapel microphone from one of the av rental companies in Johannesburg to ensure that you dont have echo on your voice recording.

What Is The Next Thing in Company Marketing?

Many companies have spent so much time on figuring out what's next in there marketing campaign, from their launches to flash mobs and pop ups, that do very little for reaching their target audience, at the point when they decide to make a choice. Those kinds of things are great for new products launches but are not great for standard businesses, such as electrical companies or car serves.Its not even that great for executive type services like accounting or technical services like computers and IT. The answer, as we all know or at least should know, is that at some point your future clients are going to go onto Google and do a search for your type of service or product.

So what is new?

The real difference is not the way that they surf the web but in the way they absorb the information. People no longer like to read walls of text.They want the information handed to them in a more interesting and digestible way.That means using VIDEO! Video production companies, or at least those in the know, have long known that most people would rather watch a video than go through pages of explanations.

They mostly also find that the explanations are easier to understand than text and your company can get a huge amount of information across in a short time.

But then I hear you shout "video production companies are expensive!"

They can be, but in so many cases are in fact quite reasonable, especially when you compare the costs of a flash mob or promotional event. Video production companies in South Africa along with many of those around the world have also figured out that web video helps with SEO. That is search engine optimization for your web page. So not only do you have a greater more interesting impact on the client with video but you become more findable too through Google.

So really it's a win win situation.If you only have the budget of a small car wash company, then I guess fliers will have to do, but really you know how much money is probably being spent on your marketing while the video could be one of the most cost effective parts of that budget if used correctly and done by the right video company.

So I say : why not call a video production company in your local area and ask what it would cost? You might be surprised.

The difference between video production and corporate video.

The difference between video production and corporate video.

There are so many terms in video industry which are very similar but can mean different things. Why is this important? The reason is that when you are looking for a video production company to provide you with the people and equipment for your video production, you need to know that it is right for you.It is not a matter of what is better but really what is better for you. There is an enormous difference between the type of video crew that would put together for a TV advert, or commercial, and a corporate videographer who may be recording a conference.

There are three parts to the difference :
1) The equipment used
2) The people used
3) The price of the production

The first part of equipment is really not about quality because, although many people in the industry will argue one brand or model over another, truth be told if a professional HD camera is in the right hands , the difference to the viewer is negligable from camera to camera. Where it does matter is where the final product will be used.

If it goes straight to DVD for office training then the camera may be very different to one used where the final product is broadcast in full HD. Many HD broadcasters insist on a bit rate of higher than 100mb/s .To the average person this means little and to the viewer even less. Where it does matter is whether the broadcaster will accept your video for broadcast.

Video production companies also employ different skill levels of people so the person you would need for an TV advert may be very different for corporate videographer.

Sometimes when industry people want a cheap lower level videographer, they ask for a junior videographer. That does not mean they want someone fresh out of college but rather someone who is cheaper as the skill set of a pro cinematographer is not needed in a corporate environment in most cases.

That is not to say that the highly skilled video people will not be needed in corporate video as there are times when a company may want to make a very high end marketing video for broadcast or internet use.

Ultimately it is the price that will dictate what equipment and staff to use. If you or your company are rolling in cash then it does not really matter as you can choose whatever you want but most companies have to make the budget fit the work. That is why an office training video should be priced very differently to a TV broadcast budget.

Ultimately you may find that there are video production companies who specialize in corporate work and others who specialize in TV productions or movies. So be sure you know what type of video company you are speaking to.

Do you understand copyright, trade mark and privacy laws for video production companies?

So do you understand copyright, trade mark and privacy laws for video production companies?

You want to make a video for your business.You want to market your company on YouTube and other video platforms but you ask "where to start?" Trying to find the right video production company can be a daunting task.

You know what you want but:

1) What will it cost to make a video?

2) What kind of quality is needed for the video?

3) Is it worth the money?

There are also other important things to consider as well.

There are really three important things to keep in mind:

1) Is the video legal?

2) What benefit will the video have?

3) What do I do with the video once it is complete?

Before we discuss cost and implementation, the legal part is very important. Too many companies have videos made which have many legal problems. As much as this blog is not legal advise in any way, it is very important that you make sure that you understand and comply with copyright, trademark and privacy laws when making your video.

It is too to put that information here but simply Google phrases such as "what is a model release document?" and "trade mark infringement for advertising" and that should lead you to information that might be helpful .

Before you start your video production, make sure you completely understand the laws. Video production companies should really be the ones giving you this information but unfortunately that is often not the case. It is also your responsibility to check that your video does not infringe on any laws.

A few simple suggestions though could be (but not the only things you should do) to make sure you do have documents that release the use of images and sound. These can include, a model release document ( not just for models, by the way, but everyone) , a location release document, materials release document and a contract with your video production company.

These suggestions also apply equally to photography.

It is pretty much illegal to shoot anything without legal authorization. That includes people, buildings, property, trade marks, logos, company names, products, music, pictures, paintings, art, jewellery, inventions, ideas, documents, children, strangers in a private place, strangers in a public place if they object to being filmed or even photographing or videoing a stranger in a public place which may be seen as deformation of any kind. The list is endless and I have in no way listed all possibilities. So it simply boils down to one thing.....documentation. In fact the more the better.

Have documents for just about everything from legal releases to actual responsibilities and liabilities.

For the benefits and use of the video.If your documentation allows for it, you should use your video in ways that get the best exposure for your company. You really want the best "bang for your buck" so try to use the video/s not only for its visual advertising appeal but also as a web page back link builder tool. This can be done using annotations with actual back links and also as a motivation for others to build back links to your web site , blog or video and actually to send you information to contact or market to them directly.

So, the question of whether to use video production companies and how much they cost are just the very first questions but in fact there are many more things you should consider. These should in no way put you off from making a video but they should be kept in mind before jumping into a video or photography production.

Video recording vs sound recording for surveys

It has been for a long time a sense among survey companies that video production is needed when running a corporate survey session. This is more so the case when it comes to a study group on a new product.

It is pretty standard to have a group of people who have been chosen from the public, gather around a table and talk about a new product. There are many different ways to run the conversation session but for a long time has included video production. As much as video use is a great way to record the discussion, very often it is only the audio recording which is needed as this is usually used to transcribe the session.

There are many who would say that having the video recording gives a greater insight into the emotions of the people being surveyed although when the final report is created, it is mostly based on the transcribed voice recordings. So the question is whether or not to use the video part. If there is enough budget then it is great to use video.

The more information you get from the study, the better the survey can be and the video production companies in Johannesburg can provide these services as part of the study. When the budget is tight though, the audio recordings can be a lot cheaper option and the sound recording services , which are often completely separate from the video production services in Johannesburg can often have a different approach to recording.

Video production companies in Johannesburg tend mostly to focus on the visual aspect with the microphones being either on-board directional mics or lapel/lavalier microphones. The sound hire companies in Johannesburg who provide sound recording services tend to use studio condenser microphones which can work in an omni directional way to capture the voices around the table.

This can result in a better sound recording than what could have been achieved by video production companies in Johannesburg from the way they use the microphones. Some might argue that it isnt that important because the sound is recorded either way and is not intended for broadcast anyway.

In the much lower budget surveys where the survey team would still like to watch the people being surveyed, a cheaper video camera can also be used. As with the audio not being for broadcast a cheaper hand held video camera can be placed on a tripod with a cable which runs to the next room where the video image can be viewed on a projector screen or TV screen.

AV equipment hire companies in Johannesburg often have a few smaller cameras for these types of purposes. There wouldn't be any recording done on the cameras as the sound is done separately.The camera is only used to view the people which is like having a one way mirror glass window.

So in many cases a high end camera would not be needed and the sound recording combined with photographs of the volunteers along with background information on each person could be more than enough for information gathering in the survey.

Why are there no standard prices for video productions?

Too Many people email a video production company and ask how much it costs for a video to be made. It is not only impossible for video production companies to answer without more information but there are also many other factors that can affect a quotation.

It has become fairly common for a new comer to the video industry to simply send an email to video production companies with a few basic details such as the final video must be 3 minutes long and have voice over and music and then expect a precise quotation in return. This is a good place to start the discussion but is not enough information to provide a proper quotation. This type of request not only can not be answered accurately but it can make the person asking look like he or she is completely uninformed and a newbie to the video industry.

It is always best to either simply send as much information about the production as possible to the video production companies or to call them up and discuss the production.

There are no hard and fast rules on hourly rates for recording or even editing, so ask for a comprehensive quotation which shows what the parts are and what they cost. It is always important to talk to companies or videographers to establish what the quotation means.

Ask what each part is and what is included or not included such as will there be titles or fancy 3D graphics? Will music be included etc. Price around and a type of "standard" will emerge as far as "ball park" prices might go.This however, is only achievable after comprehensive discussions with video companies to establish what will be included and what these parts cost.Whether you are speaking to video production companies in Fourways or any where in the world, the same questions still apply.

Unlike calling up sound hire Johannesburg companies where you can simply say you need a PA system for 300 people and that's it, video companies need to know many more details and need to understand more about the setup than for most corporate functions.

AV rental company

Remember that when it comes to AV rental Johannesburg, it is not just the equipment that is important , its the level of service you receive from the AV company that provides the equipment. The people who deliver and set up the equipment as well as those in the offices who organise the event equipment rental. The kind of AV rental company in Johannesburg that offers real quality and reliability is the kind of company you should use for your conference at your company or conference venue in Johannesburg. Prepare for a truly amazing; conference with a truly professional AV hire company in Johannesburg.

What is the difference between Corporate video and commercial video production?

If you need a video produced, the best is to know what type of video you are looking for. For the best video production service you need to chose the right video production companies. Searching for videoproduktion or video production services you might find a video production company  but do you want corporate video production, digital video production or other video productions like film video production, production video for an advert for TV?

The important thing to remember is that different types of video productions use different equipment and people. For most corporate video productions, a videographer can work on his own or with an assistant. When it comes to commercial video production, there is often a team of 5 or more with, gaffers, focus pullers, director and cameraman. The equipment is also vastly different. The set would be filled with lights and reflectors, diffusers and dollies and jibs. The corporate video production would normally have an HD camera and maybe 2 or 3 lights. Sometimes there no lights at all.

There is a huge difference between corporate video production and commercial video production.
So keep in mind that whether you need digital production, film production, video production or any type used only for presentations that the price is different for a reason.
More equipment and people means more money.

The result is a vastly different image and sound quality.

Typography is old but its new.

It seems old things can be revived and become something new. Typography is a technique used by video production companies in Gauteng, and actually by video production companies in South Africa as a whole, for broadcast adverts or explainer video production and even corporate video editing. It is the trusted old use of text coming onto the screen synchronized with the narrators voice. It has been fancied up with 3D characters and great music but is pretty much the typography of old revamped to be modern. Audiovisual companies who provide projector rental in Johannesburg can put these up as part of a great presentation.

Video production companies have found that typography is a great tool for a high quality low price video.

It requires only a video editor and a good voice artist. Some video production Johannesburg companies have voice artist in house and some of the editors are voice artists themselves so this can be put together at relatively low cost. I have heard many of my editor and sound engineer friends providing their voices at no extra cost for high end broadcast adverts.

Video production is therefor in reach of almost any company to market themselves either on the web or on above the line TV adverts or to make a fancy corporate event presentation. Congress rental companies love this stuff because it really makes the AV rental worthwhile.

Why do South Africans get so excited about video production?

Video production companies are having a great time now with creating video for clients because of the huge increase in interest in HD video on the web.Video production Pretoria companies and video production companies in Johannesburg are booming from the new interest by the public in HD video. There is more interest and more clients for the video services.

Video production companies in South Africa in the past had to rely on the advertising industry or large corporations to keep them going with big budget above the line marketing.

That has now all changed with the improvements in ADSL and 3G connectivity. This means that
video editing services and video production companies can now tap into a market which didn't exist before.

Explainer video production companies in Johannesburg are now providing great animated videos which don't require presenters or actors.

This means lower cost for the advertiser or company who wants to have video on their website .So why all the excitement, well the trick is South Africa has always dragged a bit behind when it comes to technology an so there have been many opportunities that have been lost.

The changes now mean that even small companies can have video made because of the reduction in price not only of the data but also in the production of video because an increase in business brings an increase in competition which brings prices down.

Videographers in Johannesburg and video production companies are now dealing with an exciting new market.

Why do I need a video production company for my business marketing?

Read further only if you want more clients or business. There are many people who see video production as an unnecessary expense. With all the changes in the Internet and Internet marketing, to believe that would be crazy. Video production companies Johannesburg based and around South Africa have a variety of services that can help businesses from small to large.

Video is needed not only in the standard uses of training video or conference recording video but more importantly in the realm of YouTube and the like, video can be a powerful tool to not only create greater visibility for your company but in fact drive traffic to your website and your business. Video production companies In Gauteng not only make video these days but, the really good ones, know how to implement video in such a ways as to create back-links to your web page increasing your companies presence on Google as well as direct targeted traffic to your website directly from the YouTube video.

The problem is that there have been many people who have either done it themselves or used video production companies who do not know how to correctly use the video. It can be quite attractive to have your company video embedded on your website but it does little to nothing to drive traffic to your website or your company.

After the expense of making a really nice marketing video, if it does nothing for your business then you may as well not have done it in the first place. Video productions companies in Johannesburg who know what they are doing can create links not only in the body of text but can have back links in the video it's self. Also there is the important factor of directing traffic to the video in the first place. For example if you wanted to promote a video about Nelson Mandela Day or Madiba day 2014, you would need to have back links to that video to start the process. This would then boost the video which then could have links back to topics related to Nelson Mandela. Another example would be if you were a wedding photographer in Johannesburg or a wedding videographer in Johannesburg you could promote your wedding video work on YouTube which would bring visitors to your website as well as boost your ranking on YouTube.

The wedding videographer could see a marked increase in both web traffic and customers. If you have a large company which does things that people would be interested in for example a Tax consultancy company, you could make short video productions which show basic information that can help people with their tax returns. This would increase traffic to your website through back-linking from the video to your website.

Most people love free stuff so giving away free information that can really help, and improves your chances of them using your company or service. This regenerative cycle of linking to a YouTube video which links to your website which links to you or your business is so important that most people have not begun to realise the massive marketing potential behind it. With that in mind, why not try get ahead of the pack. Have you ever wanted to know something before everyone else. Well you just did right now.The question is what are you going to do with it?

How to use video in your business for training.

Some people believe that video is only for marketing or a record of events such as a conference when it comes to business video but in fact video is useful in so many aspects of business.

Apart from the legal records or marketing videos on Youtube, or for broadcast purposes, video can be used in the daily running of business.

A good example of this is for sales training, where video can be used to capture a sales persons skills at different points in their training. This can show their mistakes and to show their growth throughout the training program.

This kind of video does not have to be of broadcast quality but the audio is really very important. A basic SD or HD video can show the movement of the student or employee, but the sound recording is what captures the real content and quality of the sales technique of the trainee.

Video production companies can be very useful in this part of your business. Although high quality video isn't really needed, the high quality cordless lapel microphones and sound recording equipment is vital to have a video which is useful for the training. Some might say "Then why not just record the audio?" You could use an audio visual company for this right? Just use the sound system hire would seem to make sense.

The audio alone in this case however would not be nearly as useful as the video along with high quality audio. Video production companies in Johannesburg, who provide these services , know all to well that poor quality audio can affect a recording sometimes way more than poor quality video.

In this case, because it is not for public viewing, the video, although should be there, is secondary to the audio.

Corporate video production

Is videography the same thing as video production in Johannesburg?

Video service in Johannesburg can really be divided into two categories .That of video production companies in Johannesburg and videographers in Johannesburg. What is the difference and what do they do?

Firstly the word videographer, as far I know, is not yet an accepted Oxford dictionary word but as a result of there not being a more appropriate and less politically incorrect word than cameraman, videographers were born and in fact the word videographer does more accurately describe what they do.

Being derived from photographer, it shows that videographers are in fact artists just like photographers, just in a slightly different medium. Although most people who are described as videographers provide wedding videography and although wedding photographer and videographer packages Johannesburg services are the work of many of the same corporate video production companies in Johannesburg, a large portion of the people are independent freelance videographers. When it comes to corporate or company video production companies, they are not so much referred to as videographers because of the need to differentiate between wedding videography and corporate video production.

What is really implied is that videographers, like wedding photographers and corporate photographers, work independently and provide the work of capturing the images, providing the creative insight into how to compose the images , and then editing the final product on their own.

Marketing video production, safety training video production and other more business related video services are done by corporate video production companies  and marketing video production companies which are in fact a collection of people including, cameraman (or videographer) , producer, director, editor and if it is a larger production, gaffers, runners and grips. The list of people goes on and on.

Most videographers would either work alone or with only one or two assistants.

From music video production companies to promotional video production companies, the work they do can be done by a large group of people making up the video production company or be a smaller group of videographer and assistants.

It is really the budget of the production that would differentiate the two.

In many occasions, they can both do the work of each other .It is really just on a different scale.

School video production companies and school play video production companies in Johannesburg are actually normally a group of videographers and not a promotional video production company type of business.

So the two being video production companies and freelance videographers are very similar and at the same time completely different.

I hope that clears it up ;)

Corporate video production

Corporate video producers and video production companies in Johannesburg

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What many businesses forget about is their company video profile
For great results, a really great way to impress your potential clients is with a company DVD introduction or a company video presentation to show what your business can offer.To do this you would need a top quality production company Johannesburg. Company video production is something which should not be done cheaply but should also not be expensive. What you want is a high return on investment.
Great productions need:
Corporate training video producers .
when putting together a professional and legally acceptable training DVD, use professional people.The training in an induction DVD should not only offer a stimulating, educational experience for your staff and visitors to your company but also be usable as evidence in a strong case, should one arise from an injury claim against any industry which has a high priority of health and safety.
Video production company Johannesburg.
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Why sound matters in video

Production company vs Video Production Companies

When corporate events are being organized, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to the audio visual supply. The first decision is normally to look for an audio visual production company.

There is often a difference between an audio visual production company and a video production company. Although some audio visual production companies can often supply video cameras and camera operators, they are often more specialized in the fields of sound hire and audio visual equipment, while video production companies specialize in video production.

On the surface, there is mostly not much of a difference, however when it comes to the final video product, whether on DVD or in HD formats, the results can sometimes be quite different. The video production companies in Johannesburg and around the world , focus not only in capturing the HD video footage in a professional way but also in editing the footage which results in a high quality creative, and impressive video product.

The capturing of the video footage can also very different. The camera operators or , some would say, corporate videographers in Johannesburg, often have an eye for the video composition and lighting which is similar to corporate photography and even more artistic professional photography with ideas such as "The Thirds Rule" and camera movement.

The video footage along with the high quality sound can then be turned into broadcast quality video through creative and highly qualified video editing skills and high end equipment.

Audio visual production companies can delivery high quality video but that the final product can have a very different result. Apart from the similarity between the two types of production companies, there is often the desire by event organizers to use only one supplier to provide all the conference or corporate event AV needs.

This can result in the sound hire in Johannesburg being seen as the same as audio visual production and video production in Johannesburg. In the resent past this has resulted in the audio visual companies in Johannesburg taking on the roll of video production. Many have in fact hired professional video camera operators and highly skilled video editors.

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