Wedding Videographer and Photography in Johannesburg

Wedding Videographer and Photography in Johannesburg

For your wedding videographer, call Absolutely A.V. for top quality wedding videos at affordable prices. We provide beautiful memorable images that help to bring back the emotions of your most important day. Wedding videos are as important as wedding photographs.

Capture the moment and enjoy your memories your way by having your ​wedding captured in stunning ​wedding photography by a professional ​wedding photographer from Johannesburg. We cater for ​wedding photography and wedding videography in Johannesburg. We are a ​professional photography and video production company so all our editing is done in-house to ensure complete confidentiality and high quality. Choose the professionals for your wedding day. Call 011 462 7816

Great wedding videos start with great videography. Its not just about capturing the moment but bring it to life. It requires awesome videography skills which we at Absolutely A.V. provide.

When it comes to top quality wedding videographers, you come to the right place. We provide a range of wedding video services from professional DV-CAM wedding videography, to DSLR photography and wedding videos.

How to choose the right wedding videographer

As with most purchases in life your choice of wedding photographers and wedding videographers will probably begin by being an emotional choice.

This is not always the best way to spend your money although it can be one of the most enjoyable ways, that is if you make the right choice.

It really does help to have an emotional connection to any purchase but it really needs to be backed up by facts.

The best way to get facts is to cross reference them. For example a good wedding videographer in Johannesburg will be listed on Google but also in local listings and more importantly have some connection to wedding venues and in his or her area. Chances are if wedding videographers are doing any work they will be known by the venues that they work at. This is not always the case as many venues coordinators have very short memories from dealing with so many wedding vendors.

Wedding photographers and videographers strive to please price shoppers as they want the best service at the lowest price.

In most cases a low price means low quality and vice versa. A tough deal to offer considering that high quality HD video can take more hours of work to edit than photographs by the wedding photographer.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

If you want high quality then check the videographers portfolio which does not necessarily means having lots of videos, which take ages to cut doing to short demo versions, but how good the quality is.

It only takes one wedding video to show how good the quality is. It does not help that the wedding videographer has shot shot 200 weddings, what matters is how well will he or she shoots yours.

The things to look out for are:

Bad Things:

1) Shaky video

2) Image quality (is the video crystal clear or speckled and spotty from low light)

Good Things:

3) Styling of the video image. (Wide angles, close ups, lighting)

4) Intended movement of the camera ( stylish movement of the camera from side to side and up and down)

5) Stylish Transitions (Do the images just cut into each other or are they nicely blended?)

There are many beginner wedding videographers who buy a R2000 ($200) camera and say they are a wedding videographer.

A real wedding videographer will have a camera that costs about R20 000 ($2000) and up.

Ask to see the camera or ask for the model number of their camera so you can look it up.

Wedding videographers based ones anyway, will know their venues and other wedding vendors. Ask around at other wedding providers such as flower shops and caterers.

If you find the right blend between the emotional purchase and the facts, you will be better off in your choice in wedding videographers and wedding photographers.

By the way: Congratulations on your engagement ! ;)

Why is wedding video so exciting?

The obvious answer would be that it is all in HD now so watching high quality wedding videos has improved a lot but what makes it exciting is actually the sharing of your wedding video. Having a wedding video in the old days meant a VHS tape which was a long record of your wedding day. Now wedding videographers are adding shorter punchier more exciting version to the collection. This means not only not sitting through a long drawn out video but that it can be small enough and short enough to share on social media. This is where it gets exciting. The short video clips become something to share similar to viral videos. Friends and family can share in the moment without having to drive long distances and not have to sit through an entire viewing of the wedding day. Wedding videographers in Johannesburg have caught on to this and the professional wedding videographer now not only offers a complete DVD or blue ray video but also a computer format dis with MP4, AVI, and 3Gp versions. Wedding videographers have discovered that its not just the making of a great wedding video but the ability to share it. Call 011 462 7816 for a professional wedding videographer Johannesburg.

What makes up a wedding videographers packages?

Wedding photographers and videographers often work hand in hand as a collaboration to bring together beautiful images both still and moving. As with wedding photography, wedding videography packages can vary according to the length of time offered as well as what products are available after the wedding day. In the case of both wedding photographers and videographers, the amount of people who are involved and the number of cameras can also impact on the price of the package. The one key difference between the two is the a videographer can operate multiple cameras whereas a photographer can operate only one.

This however does not normally impact highly on the price depending on the wedding videographer based service. The use of an additional cameras in corporate videography often does carry an additional charge and dependent on the video production companies who offer the service, they may insist on an additional camera operator.

Wedding videographers normally supply package options which are very similar to wedding photographers and often the pricing for wedding photography and wedding videography is very similar if the services are provided by one videography company. If the photography is R 7 000 then chances are, although there are exceptions, the videography will also cost R 7 000 depending on the equivalent packages being offered.

Antonio wrote:

"As much you would like your wedding to be a fairytale with everything being dreamy and wonderful, the fact is that you will have to deal with real people to pull off your big day. That means that if you want a great wedding photographer or wedding videographer in Johannesburg at a great price, you will have to talk to many and have to make a fairly difficult decision on who to use.

There are lots of pretty websites with lovely pictures but how do you know if the videographer is in fact a videographer and not a photographer doing video although they may be great wedding photographers. The key difference between a photographer doing video and a videographer is actually the camera. now I know what you want to hear is that you should choose the wedding videographer with the nicest attitude and charm, the one with the golden smile that will turn your day into a dream. Um actually NO!

There are way too many charming idiots what will take your money and run. The truth is that a videographer has what is called a DV-Cam. It is a professional video camera which is used for video productions. There are some videographers who have managed to turn a DSLR (photo camera) into a professional piece of video equipment but they are few and far between. Most photographer videographers are in fact photographers who have figured out that they can use their DSLR photo camera to do video but in fact have no idea how to use it correctly so you end up with two very problematic issues.

The first is camera shake which is cute for home videos but terrible for wedding video. The second is audio quality and audio capture. When a true wedding videographer videos a wedding, he is capturing full wave quality stereo audio in sync with full HD video which is stabilised either with a tripod or with a built in stabiliser which produces a smooth high quality image. The professional wedding videographers who use DV-Cams to video also often use DSLR for finer detail shots or moving shots so its easy to confuse them with photographers with a DSLR but the question is simple. Does the wedding videographer have a DV-CAM? If the answer is no then you have photographers doing video not videographers.

There are many people in the industry who will argue that the DSLR produces better image quality than a DV-Cam. They would be right but in the wrong hands a DSLR will be way worse than a DV-Cam. That is why professional wedding videographers use both but not just the DSLR. One of the most important things about a DSLR is that the audio quality which is nowhere near as good as a DV-Cam and the DSLR can only record for a maximum of 20 or 30 Minutes so if anything goes on for longer than that such as a wedding service then you will have a break in the audio unless a separate audio device is used to record the audio.

It is for this reason a DV-Cam stands out as the device of choice, because a DV-Cam can keep recording until the memory space runs out without stopping. So a simple answer, although not a complete and definitive one, is that you can be assisted in your decision making by knowing what equipment he or she is using as a guide on what your wedding videographer in Johannesburg actually knows. Wedding photographers and videographers mostly look and smell the same, but what cameras are in their hands and what knowledge is in their brains, can make all the difference when it comes to production a beautiful wedding video that you will treasure forever.

On an extra note. One of the best providers of wedding video are in fact video production companies. Most people assume that a video production company either is too expensive for a wedding or they are not able to do weddings because of their focus on a corporate video production. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of the best wedding videography is done by video production companies and one particular video production company in Johannesburg is Check them out. They actually talk about wedding videography on their web site. So although they also do corporate video productions in Johannesburg, they are great at wedding videos

Although videography is not yet accepted as an official word, it is accepted as a line of work or profession. Wedding video people are generally referred to as wedding videographers. The term video cameraman is a term used more in the TV and movie industry. The reason is that a wedding videographer is more like a photographer than a cameraman. So it seems the word videographer was created.

It is quite a fitting term as wedding videography requires a higher number of skills and artistic abilities an talents than a cameraman would require.

The responsibilities of a wedding videographer also cover a wide spectrum of talents including, directing, lighting, camera skills, editing and sound engineer.

What some professionals have said:

It is really quite amazing what is happening with wedding videos. The quality not only of the video image but the videography or cinematography is just astonishing. In the past, a simple camera on a tripod was good enough for any wedding. People accepted that wedding videographers were not Steven Speilberg with a $100 million budget to video a wedding.

That has all changed. It was accepted in the bast that even Hollywood films were not all big budget and at a mere $10 million dollars, a movie didn't have to jump off the screen so it was accepted that wedding videos could be bland and boring. It seems that the public, for whatever reason, has decided that wedding videos need to look as good as a Hollywood movie. The change really seems to have been made by the use of their bank account. brides mostly see the photographer as an essential part of the wedding but not the video.

So for the wedding video to be included it needs to be amazing! This has pushed the average wedding videographer to become a cinematography pro. The videos are no longer stationary tripod shots but have many cut-aways with moving cameras and exciting images that bring weddings to life. The would also mean that wedding videographers are working harder than ever and spending money on very high end equipment. Gone are the days of the miniDV or handicam , its full HD broadcast professional cameras that that cost 10 or 20 times as much. The benefit to the bride is enormous. The quality at what truely is a bargain price is just amazing. Including wedding video is now a must do.

If you would like to know more about Wedding Videographes then you have come to the right place.ABAV is a professional wedding videography company in South Africa specializing in wedding video production. When it comes to wedding video companies there is only one place to go. Absolutely A.V. Many people are also looking for wedding video companies but don't know where to start. Well you found it here. Also all types of production.

For professional results at an affordable price, look no further than Absolutely A.V. for a wedding videographer. This web site covers the following content: Wedding Video Productions Johannesburg as the main topic as well as Wedding DVD Production which is of high importance to couples concerned with quality, Wedding DVD for family members or friends, wedding DVD for wedding videography in Gauteng, wedding videographer for memories and record of the day. Wedding video production companies may promise you many things but we offer high quality at an affordable price.

What makes wedding videos awesome?

What a bride wants is something that makes her feel that her wedding is magical, not just run of the mill average. Johannesburg is filled with photographer videographers using their DSLRs for video as well as photography. There are some technical issues that come with that.The one being that sound is the speciality of a DV Cam.DSLR audio can tend to be lower in quality and extremely un-user-friendly. The technical part aside the biggest problem is that wedding video is not seen in the same light as movie making. The real problem for wedding videographers is that is precisely what the bride is expecting.

Of course it is crazy to expect a wedding video to look like a movie but it should look pretty close. The way to make this happen is the same way Hollywood makes it happen. That is with moving cameras. I know, most wedding videographers are now having a heart attack. Its difficult enough trying to keep a DSLR steady, never mind make it look like a James Cameron box office hit. What a wedding videographer needs to realize is that along with HD video, the expectations of brides to be have gone through the roof. Even though you may think that its an impossible request, it is in fact what is wanted. So make it happen. Wedding photographers and videographers have gone through an explosion of competition and now much higher expectations for what seems to be lower prices. Wedding videographers are now in demand but they will have to prove that they can deliver on the promise of top quality wedding video.

What is a videographer?

Beautiful Wedding Video by a professional videographer.

It is great to see how wedding videography has changed from a simple capture the event to a thing of beauty. It seems that because videographers are expected to have the best equipment, they are also expected to have the kind of cinematic production you would find in a full length movie. As much as that is not entirely possible, wedding videographers do pull off something close to it.

If that were the case Hollywood would make a whole lot more movies than they do.But within the constraints of a single wedding videographer it seems amazing things are being done. A video which when was presented in the past was received with a lot of frowns and excuses not to watch has now become a thing of joy.

As much as many people enjoy sharing their private moments on instagram, twitter and facebook, the problem was having something a bit more interesting than a clip of your lunch or your new finger nails. Wedding videos have become something to share.The quality also goes a long way to excite friends to watch.So turn your wedding day into a day of sharing. Have a professional wedding videographer capture your day.

I’m not entirely sure that the word videographer is an officially accepted word. As I type it here, it shows up with that sexy red line meaning its either spelt wrong or it does not exist. If you type wedding in to Google the predictive text brings up wedding videographer or wedding videographers as likely options. This would imply that not only is it spelt correctly, it is a very heavily used word and quite desirable in the combination with the word wedding.

So it seems there is such a thing as a wedding videographer but strangely in the video industry, there does not seem to be such a word or phrase. In the video industry ,you see terms like video production, cameraman or more politically correctly “camera person” :) For me the problem, I think is that most people did not put the skills of a videographer and wedding videographers on the level of the photographer. So many videographers were seen simply as camera operators.

This would imply that there is not much skill or artistic approach involved and would require the operator to simply point the camera in the general direction and push the red button but if that were the case then the same would apply to photographers who could simply point their camera in the general direction and press the right button. There have been more than enough competitions where only one single image is required to prove that there is more to photography than that. Many people can spend their entire lives opening the shutter and never achieving a great image. Then why the implied disrespect to videographers and wedding videographers in particular. Well it seems to me that most people see wedding video as the lowest level on the video ladder so therefore it is not an art but in fact a skill.

Wrong! Many professional video people who might not refer to themselves as videographers will tell you that not only must a wedding videographer be highly skilled but in fact be extremely artistic and creative in their approach to the captured image or images.

In wedding videography, the wedding videographer has to be director, lighting technician, sound engineer and cameraman all in one. The work load alone should command a fair amount of respect for wedding videographers. What I have seen of late is a huge leap in video quality and I don’t mean image quality. I mean cinematography. The problem is that cinematography applies to the CINEMA.

So I guess that is why the word videographer appeared. I guess only time will tell if the word is accepted into the English language.>

It is however a good sign that the word videographer has appeared because it does show on some level an improved level of respect for the talent of the wedding videographers :)

Wedding Video Makes a come-back

April 16, 2014 It seems that for quite a while that wedding videos took a bit of a back seat to wedding photography, and that should not come as a surprise considering how poor video was in the old days. Photography was never really all that bad because of film. The quality was actually fantastic. Many would argue that film is still better than digital. Digital photography technology has come a long way though and has pretty much kept photography ahead of the game.

I must say that I often would prefer to look at peoples old photos rather than their old video because of how poor the quality was on VHS. When video went digital, it was a bit of an improvement but not much. That has now all changed. With HD, starting off with plasma screens at 720p and moving on to LCD at 1080p and now “super HD” which is supposed to be 4K but not quite.So it looks like we are set for great quality video for home use like wedding videos.

What has become very obvious now though is that it is no longer a matter of the picture quality but the quality of the operator of the camera and the video editor. This now brings video in line with Photography. It no longer matters how good the camera is because pretty much all professional cameras are pretty awesome but what can you do with it. Many a photography teacher has made the brave comment that a great photographer can take great photographs no matter what the camera is.

It seems that the same now applies with video. So where does this leave us with wedding videos and wedding video companies? What seems to have happened is that the public has found a new love for wedding videos. Playing video back in full HD has become a pleasure. Blue Ray players are appearing here and there but DVD still reigns supreme.DVD quality is still quite acceptable especially if the original video is shot on full HD.

What seems to be happening now is that the video production companies are becoming as much in demand as the photographers. That’s great news for those who love video. Video production companies seem to have grown slightly in number but wedding video companies seem to be growing the fastest. It seems that even in our tight economy, the public still has an appetite for spending on wedding videos. What has also made an appearance is the teaming up of photographers with videographers to offer both sides of the coin in a special two in one wedding photography and video package deal. I think this is a very health sign for the wedding industry as whole. So onward and upward I say.