Web site video for marketing

Website Video and About Us Video.

We provide an easy to watch informative video about your company for new customers to watch to build trust with a web video on YouTube or Vimeo that is embedded in your website.

Corporate Explainer videos are great for interacting with your potential clients.


Explainer web video.

A short but highly effective video that explains a product or service. This video helps to teach or inform a viewer about a new product or service that your company has on offer.

Corporate DIY Video should be an addition to professional videos made by corporate video production companies in Johannesburg.


How-To Video.

This type of video has become very popular with business marketers who are able to provide helpful content such as How-To do something for yourself. It draws in a wide audience that you can turn into customers.

Corporate Video production services


Corporate Video services.

Web based videos for business websites !

Websites of all kinds now need video as part of the content.Video can also be made for YouTube and Vimeo then embedded in your website.

Embedded video

Videos designed for web page use can be hosted on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo and then embedded using an embedded link or an iFrame.The videos can play on your site or the viewer can be redirected to the hosted video.

Hosted Video

If you would prefer to build an audience outside of your website and then direct them to your web page, you can have you videos hosted on YouTube etc and then use a link in the video to direct viewers back to your site.

Up-to-date Web Based Web Marketing Services

Use the power of online video to either draw viewers to your web site or use the videos on your site to explain your business services and products. These videos can be used on your “About Us” page or on your landing page to quickly explain to your new customers how your business works. Audiences and web surfers are no longer interested in reading lengthy text. Most people would prefer to watch a quick video that gives them all the information that they need to know. This can be good for building trust with new customers as they get to know your business through your videos. You no longer need a sales person to explain your business. This can save your business time and money. It is also available 24 hours a day which means you could be intercating with clients even while you sleep. It has also become accepted that video forms part of your overall page content. Photographs and text are still needed but video, being the most powerful medium is also needed. Video will not entirely replace the other forms of content but rather form part of the overall message of your site. Website Video production is available in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa. We offers corporate marketing videos, explainer videos, viral videos, and interviews at affordable prices. Punctual delivery. Eye catching presentations. Professional editing. We also assist with video integration.

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