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Website Video Production

Web Video Marketing

Professional corporate web site video productions. Use the power of video to promote internally or to potential clients on the internet. Use the power of video in email marketing campaigns. Boost company image and sales through greater exposure and interest with web video on YouTube or vimeo.
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Cost effective professional corporate training video production company in Johannesburg and around Gauteng.Train staff efficiently and have a higher level of retention of information with video on the internet, Absolutely A.V. is the right choice for your corporate training video production in South Africa.
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Corporate Web Video

Video integration into your website.Complete turnkey operation from photography to video and webpage design. Johannesburg corporate photography, corporate viral video productions, business marketing. Professional web video production services in Johannesburg Gauteng
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Corporate Video production services

Corporate Video services

Editing and video recording services for corporate video production Johannesburg.

We create video productions for corporate needs !

Making website video services in Johannesburg more available, skilled video production and editing to assist with your webpage video recording and editing.
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Website Video recording

Having a professional video of your business product or service .Clear high quality wbepage marketing videos which are all made to your needs.All video recordings done in full HD or 4k with high quality audio recording.

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Website Video production in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa offers corporate marketing videos, Induction videos, training videos, corporate conference videos, viral videos, interviews and research at affordable prices. Punctual delivery. Eye catching presentations. Professional editing. Webpage design or web design with video integration.

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Website Video Production

Corporate website video production

The 7 Most Important things to remember for Your Corporate Website Video

You have been wanting to market your business for a while now using video? You have thought the video services were too expensive? You thought you could do it yourself?

If you are going to make your own corporate video and decide not to use one of the more professional corporate video production companies you are going to need to know which parts of the video production services can make or break your corporate video production . Video production companies who provide the professional corporate video production services know these very important "rules" which a skilled video production company would almost never skip over

1 Lighting

Before you start your Video production, make sure that there is enough light for your camera.Add lighting if you can but try stick to the same types of lights such as tungsten or fluorescent. Looking at the tiny screen on your camera does not give you a proper idea of the lighting.Most consumer cameras if set to auto will gain up or "boost" the exposure in low light.It may look fine on the little screen but when you go to edit it, you see ugly video grain which can spoil the whole video.

2 Length

If you intend doing a corporate video production intended for YouTube or Vimeo then you should keep it short. Most people will not watch beyond 30 seconds to 1 minute. At 2 to 3 minutes, unless your corporate video productions are mind blowing, you have lost just about all of them. For more successful on-line marketing type of video productions , try to keep it at 1 minute max unless you intend having the video embedded on your website or use for other purposes than reaching a new client.

3 Dress neutral

Don't wear bold bright colours unless that is how you intend to look when you see your clients in person. Keep it simple and plain with no stripes. This will keep the video looking modern for a longer while.Also keep your background clean and simple without other distractions like paintings and ornaments.

4 Stable Camera

Unless you intend making an action video , the moving camera without professional moving equipment such as a Dolly or Jib is a really bad idea. Shaky cameras tend to upset viewers and will turn away even quicker. Put your camera on a tripod, even a cheap one can work. If you don't have a tripod, at least put it on a stable surface like a table. The hand held look is for the most part unprofessional looking. video production companies in Johannesburg use hand held cameras only in very specific situations to accentuate emotion such as a chase scene in a movie or the look of a first person view on a scene which is difficult to achieve without experience.

5 Sound quality

Before you begin shooting your video make sure the audio level are set correctly if they are not automatic. Do a "sound check" on playback to make sure it sounds good. They say most people wont notice good sound but they will notice bad sound. Try use an external microphone like a lapel or lavaliere microphone.The on-board microphone can often make the room sound like it has echo even though you cant hear it when you are talking.

6 Environment

Whether you decide to use video production companies Johannesburg based or anywhere in the world or not to use them at all, the environment, which you choose to shoot in, is very important. Firstly make sure you have permission to shoot there. Always make sure that there will be no distractions or interruptions such as people bursting into the room or the phone ringing. If your office is next to a busy road or a construction sight, try fine a quieter place with no distractions.

7 Call to action

A corporate marketing video without a call to action can diminish the purpose of the video which is to get potential clients to contact you. At least put in a line at the end saying "call us now for a free quotation" or if you want focus on your social media then you can say something like "check us out on ....." Don't end it off with a wish-washy, "well it was nice talking to you and I hope we meet sometime"

"We help with corporate video productions at whichever stage you are at, in your production. If you would like to find out about our corporate video production rates or other corporate video production prices, call now "

This information is provided with no guaranteed, intended or implied. Results of your production may vary. Use of this information is at your own risk. There are many other requirements for video production such as legal release documents and an understanding of rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to make sure that you know these rules and regulations. No responsibility is taken by me in any way to provide you with this information. That is your responsibility. Safety is also your own responsibility. Take care if you decide to do your own production.Abide by safety regulations when required by law and common sense.Abide by all privacy and copyright laws. It is your own responsibility to find out all other requirements for video productions.Your decision to work without a professional video production company is at your own risk.

Video production companies in Johannesburg can be of great assistance in your video production. Be sure to contact at least one to find out more.

Why do I need Corporate Website Video

The photographers and the video industry is buzzing with the new wave of corporate video productions for small medium and large companies in South Africa especially for websites. The creatives are very excited, the technicians are keen, ready and willing while the editors rub their hands together in glee at the opportunity of producing great new content for private and corporate web videos.

But wait ….don’t you need to have clients to do this? What are the comments from the public?…… It seems if you ask a young vibrant company with youthful employees , they will likely mostly tell you that video is completely indispensable if you want to have great SEO rankings and want to channel high volumes of high quality traffic to your website or blog.

On the other hand if you go out and speak to some long established companies who don’t have much of a web presence at all, they will often tell you that they don’t need to use video at all because their business is doing just fine as it has for a long time.

I think it is really a matter of watch what happens.Just like the dinosaurs of old who kept doing what dinosaurs do, many will likely say “Its fine. We don’t need it. let us just do what we have always done before. That worked fine for us in the past...mostly”

It has always been sad to watch people do things that no longer work or are no longer required in the world. Seeing a man specialize in fixing CB radios(Citizen Band 27Mhz), last manufactured in 1980 and also watching a true creative mind spend weeks on hand drawing animation that could be done in just a few minutes on computer brings a tear to the eye. You start to wonder if these people blame Karma for their fate or simply hang onto some wild hope that everything will change and go their way eventually.

The facts are quite simple: YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google.(Also now owned by Google) YouTube has over 1 Billion viewers.(that I believe is larger than any commercial TV network anywhere in the world) The companies which are growing exponentially in this roller coaster market have lots of videos on You Tube and they use them effectively.

So what is slowing so many people down? The same answer that has always slowed people from growing…..MONEY! “Oh we cant afford to have a video made in this economy..” “when things get better financially we can look at it then…” About the worst could be : “I cant pay for it to be done so I will do it myself…”

So a corporate company who charges thousands if not tens of thousands for their products or services goes out and shoots a home video with awful picture and poor quality sound to market themselves against those with high end corporate productions.

I don’t know which is worse…doing it yourself or not doing it all

The fact is that there are great video companies who have very affordable prices to boost your video collection and build a You Tube channel that drives massive amounts of clients to your website.Absolutely AV can film, edit and place your corporate web video onto YouTube while at the same time creating high quality back-links to your website from the video and have the video embedded on your website.

So where does this leave us? I think that there are enough cliches to help us:

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.”

“We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it.”

I’m sure you can think of many others.