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Professional affordable video production company providing businesses with Video Services in Cape Town and Western Cape.

Our videos for your business message.

Induction videos, marketing videos, and social media marketing, are all done to the highest quality while staying affordable. Video services are provided to Cape Town and most of the Western Cape.

We assist small medium and large companies with their video needs. Whether creating a safety video for industrial companies and the manufacturing industry or editing social media clips for online marketing, Absolutely AV provides the most cost-effective way to get your message out.

Companies across South Africa have chosen us for our high quality and great prices. Video editing services to fit your budget.

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Our High Quality Work

Video production for companies in Cape Town, Western Cape, and across South Africa.

Our Video Production Services

Good marketers need all sorts of videos, our painless approach to video production can apply to any of these kinds of videos and more …

Cape Town services for video production. Full video services including filming, editing, and post-production across Western Cape. Script writing included as well as assistance to get your project started. Business video services for marketing, training, and social.

Social media services are provided across South Africa. Video editing is done online so you can send your video clips from anywhere in South Africa. Turn a basic video message into a high quality exciting social media post. Animated text and graphics

Safety and induction training for manufacturing and industrial companies in the Cape. Introduction video for visitors or full induction for staff training. Keep your safety message on point with consistent quality video services

Market your products and services across Cape Town with short effective high-impact videos. Show off your products with clips that can be used as adverts or posts online. User product videos are also great for after-sales services.

Cape Town’s industrial sector is growing by the day and video services can boost a range of company needs. Marketing to industrial clients and providing instruction on machinery and equipment. Safety videos are also a big part of the industrial video.

Events, while less common than before are still widely used for expos, launches, and presentations. Video recorded beforehand is perfect for showing on big screens at events. Use interviews, product demonstrations, and even other events to showcase your company.

Animation, including 2D and 3D animation provided to companies across South Africa as well as Cape Town. Animation created from scratch or elements used to complete your animation video. Characters created and animation elements sourced to fit your video.

A short video was created to show off your products as well as instructional videos for product use. Use the videos as posts online or on your website to better display your products. Works well as backlinks to your site and draws in new buyers. High-quality short effective videos.

Voice-overs are done for video productions in Cape Town or for videos across South Africa. Voice recordings are sent to you online so voiceovers can be done for videos outside of the Cape. Professional broadcast quality voiceovers for your video productions.

Voiceovers were created for a range of productions such as radio adverts, on-hold IVR, and training products. Call to hear our quality and find our great residual-free prices. One payment and never pay again. T&Cs apply.

Video Production Companies In Cape Town

For all your video needs including filming, editing, and sound editing as well as voice-overs, we are here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different price packages for video in Cape Town as there are many different types of video productions. However, when comparing, our prices often are the best along with our quality. That said prices for videos can range from around R 14 000 to R 25 000 for larger productions while short clips can be in the range of a few hundred rand to a couple of thousand

A Team of Pros Making Video Content for You

Our team of skilled videographers, video editors, and sound technicians provides all you need for marketing, training, and event videos. Whether you induction, social media clips, or a video made about your business, we can help. For ongoing videos or freelance once-off productions, we are the team for you. Show off your Cape Town business with professional video production, priced to fit your budget.

Cape Town video services including freelance editor

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Video production for companies in Cape Town, Western Cape and across South Africa.