Do You Actually Need A Marketing Video For Your Company?

The question, for many small companies and start-ups, is “Should I make a company marketing video?”

In the not so recent pass, the idea of having a company video was as foreign as high speed internet in the home. But as internet speed changes and the way the internet is used, changes, so does the thinking on how to market a business correctly. While most have gotten the idea that they need to do some form of video marketing online, the marketing part has eluded many would-be company video creators.

While not knowing how to make a video is problematic, not knowing how marketing works can exacerbate the situation even further. Apart from branding and brand building, the idea of having an effective marketing message seems to many a foreign idea. Simply repeating your company name over and over to an unreceptive audience is not marketing.

Although marketing is not rocket science, it is something which needs to be thought through. The main part of any marketing message should be what your company product or service does to answer a need. If there is no need, then it will be difficult to convince the potential client that your product or service is better than your competition if they don’t want or need the product or service.

There many other questions, that come up regarding the use of the video.

* Where will it be kept?

* What platform will it be used on to reach the target audience?

* What format will it be in?

The storage of the video is often overlooked. This is either on the web page of the company of on a platform such as Vimeo or YouTube. There are actually many platforms where the video can be stored, each with their own pros and cons.

When it comes to the right platform for your video to be used, there are the more obvious such as YouTube adverts and Facebook adverts. But in fact, as there were in the past a lot of physical places, there are now many online places for the video to be used. The most important thing to remember is the targeted audience. If you don’t know where your potential clients go on the internet, you may not be able to target them correctly. If you sell medical products, are there medial website you can advertise on? If you provide training services, where do those people go for their online work?

The most minor of considerations is the video format but it can make a difference in some situations. This is whether the video is HD, 4K or any other format. Firstly, if you have a SD or standard definition video, you may want to revamp it or redo it all together. SD formats are rarely, if at all, used by any marketers these days. The temptation to pick up the old DVD marketing video and have it used on line, should be avoided. The low resolution will stand out as low quality. Even older computers have XGA monitors which are higher than SD resolution. XGA is 1024 x 768 compared to 640 × 480 for SD.

It is important to remember that the final video product is not the end of the road for online video marketing. It is simply the tool or carrier for the business marketing. In the same way a delivery truck is a means to an end in a delivery company and not of any value on its own, so a video is a means to an end. That end is the reaching of your audience. Simply going to a video production company, having a video made then sticking it on a YouTube channel serves no purpose at all.

Be sure to make full use of the tool by using it in as many ways that add value to your reach and online presence.

You don’t want your beautifully made video to be lost in some corner of the internet.

Finally to answer the question of whether you should make a company marketing video. The real questions would have to be, Is the message you are putting out about your company answering a need? Is it resonating with your target audience? Do you know how to reach your target audience and can you afford the cost of having your video on those platforms that reach your target audience? If the answer to these is yes, without a doubt, video production is right for your company.