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Technology and experts in the Video Industry

In our world filled with brand new technology, there are many people who have been lead to believe that they now no longer need experts to do anything in many industries. The thinking that technology replaces people and makes life simpler has been thrown around as early as the 1950’s when the idea of servant robots really took hold. Many people then believed, as they were told that technology and robotics would make their life easier.

Little did people know at the time that the same technology would mostly only help the industry and manufacturing owners and would put many hard working people out of work and those who remained employed would be living in a ever changing world which is more complicated and where the only certainty is uncertainty.

Apart from the idealistic approach about how the world would be a better place with technology, the notion that you could now do everything yourself because the new technology now gives you the ability previously unavailable to you. If this was really true then why, when you ask people if their lives have become easier and happier than they were before, Mostly answer no? Life has become more stressful, more difficult, more worrying, less connected and perceived mostly to be worse than before, no matter what generation you talk to.

The older the generation you speak to the more likely you are to hear the complaints about change. How things were much better in their days. Although many people will argue that it just old people complaining like they always do until you ask those people, who are saying this, if their own lives are improving and are happier than before because of technology, they may sound very similar to the older people that they laugh at.

This thinking has shown up in many different ways. In the audio visual or presentation industry it has appeared as the office manager who believes that he or she can run a conference with their bag full of new gadgets from pocket projector to digital inter connectivity toys and a home sound system. The results are very often shocking to say the least. Apart from the possibility that the equipment is hopelessly inadequate for the size of the venue or audience size, the idea that somehow the technology can do it all on its own is as misplaced as it was back in the 1950’s.

Just because your new phone can connect wirelessly to your fancy pocket projector does not mean that things will always run smoothly and glitch free and when you all fails, the IT personnel are asked to come help, who by the way cost more than AV technicians who know how to solve these specific problems.

Video Technology Investment Or Expense

There has been the excuse recently that it is a cost cutting effort by businesses which explains their buying expensive equipment that they may use once or twice a year.

Somehow the idea of it being better to buy than rent has taken hold in the minds of businesses resulting in a market which buys more and more expensive technology that will be redundant before they make proper financial returns on it.

This is all really great for manufacturers and technology sales. Every time your cell phone contract expires, there will be an offer of new piece of technology that is “so necessary” because the last phone you had is now not compatible. If the manufacturer who made the new phone told you about this when you were buying the previous phone then you might have said you will wait for the next phone which would be compatible but then you might never actually buy any technology.

This is a very clever trick to keep you buying new things and getting no decent return on the one you bought before. Expensive new technology that becomes junk just quick enough to bring in the newer model is not really that helpful.

In industries such as with video production companies and sound hire companies, the idea that the purchased equipment suddenly makes you an informed, techno savvy person is amazing and mind boggling.

If this was really the case it would have been that when you got your first car, you were suddenly a formula one racing driver or when you bought your first radio control plain, you were now a commercial pilot.

There have been so many video production companies and around the world who have been witness to ill informed people making a mess of conferences and marketing videos who then come ask if it can be fixed.

there are some corporate video production  companies will not take on half made video work. The reason for this is that there is only so much you can fix. Unless the work is redone from scratch , chances are that client will never really be happy because the project was started with substandard video or audio footage.

When it comes to corporate conferencing, quite often it is too late to help with an event that has already begun badly, for the sound hire companies in Johannesburg to make a difference.

There is a long standing Afrikaans saying which is ‘goedKoop is duurkoop’? Loosely translated means buying cheap now will be expensive in the long run

Does Your Video Service In Fact Provide You With Service?

video production services can be a key part of so many companies’ marketing and training campaigns but are you actually getting the quality service you are paying for?

Often companies who need to make training videos or even a web marketing video, often look at the video production services pricing first then at the quality. This is actually not a bad thing as long as you are not looking for cheap and nasty.

Budget video productions may be exactly what your company needs not only to save you money on the production but in many cases a budget video is just the right thing to be able reach your target audience.

It often makes no sense to go for a high end production when you are marketing , for example, a printing service to mostly small and medium sized companies. The marketing may in fact not appeal to them and they might think that you are an overpriced service. Even worse is that they might think that they do not relate at all to your company or its image and message. That can become a very costly mistake not only in the price of the video production but also the potential loss of business from inappropriate marketing videos.

Video production services agreement however should preferably provide good quality reliable services which is about getting what you actually paid for. There often is nothing worse than going for a budget service only to find that the service is not worth what you paid for. That will not help you either.

Corporate video services should be just as professional and high quality at any price level.The price tag should not affect the video quality or the quality of service you receive.

Budget video service companies should really provide high quality at a low price.

It does however mean that there probably wont be any aerial video footage or well know actors and a music score from U2 but the video should still make you feel proud and deliver on the promise of a professional video production service. The content and types of videography might be affected by the price but should never affect the quality or the service.