Social Media Video Marketing, Mail Drops, Blogging and SEO

Social Media Video Marketing, Mail Drops, Blogging and SEO

You may have heard of all of the terms social media, mail drops, video marketing and SEO. You may even have used all of them but how do they all tie together to form part of an effective video marketing?

The first thing to remember is that these are all part of a big picture. Simply endlessly tweeting about your company or posting content to Facebook is ineffective in getting measurable results in your marketing campaign.

So where to begin? The first thing you need to do is decide on the message you wish to put out. Then you lay down the cookie crumbs for the viewer to follow. This all begins with the video production. The video should be short, impactful, informative and most importantly have some form of call to action. Then this video needs to be placed on a video platform such as YouTube or Vimoe.

Then the video needs to be embedded into a website. Then the magic of social media joins the picture. Once the video is online and embedded, it is time to share it with the world.

This means posting on Facebook about the video, which will bring viewers to the video. Then the promotion can go even further by using all other social media platforms to promote the Facebook page which promotes the video.

As you can see the cycle of social media and the video itself can produce a movement of traffic along the company’s collection of social media accounts. This means that one video can produce a myriad of social content while directing potential clients to a video which has a call to action.

All you have to do is make sure you are not simply repeating the message but commenting on the message. For example a Facebook page can have the video and a small explanation about the video. The Tweet can be about how mazing the Facebook post was about the company.

So the first big step is making the video. For a video to be successful in its own right, it must be short, to the point and be something which conveys information, entertains or inspires.

This means providing the client with information that they want to know, not what you want them to know. It is this very important difference that can change the video from a complete failure to being successful.

It is important to remember that the potential client does not want to know about your company, they want to know what your company can do for them. This means not spending the time in your video talking about the history of the company but rather what your company’s products or services can do to improve their business or person life. That way you not only appeal to the buyer as being a company that is giving instead of taking but you encourage them to follow your future messages. This means more followers on social media, more viewers of your content and ultimately more clients interacting with your business. So to conclude, the procedure is as follows.

Have a professional produced video.

* Place the video on a video platform
* Talk about the video on social media with a link to the video
* Promote the social media talk about the video with more social media.

This way you do not need endless amounts of content but simply the will to promote the great video content you have created. There can even be reactions to the content which can form part of the same social media marketing.

This all ties back to SEO or search engine optimization which ultimately relies on content of some kind. At this point it is also important to mention, that because so much of the social media linking is based on the video, the video needs to be of professional high quality.

It makes no sense to market your business with low quality video products. The video will be used as the basis for all the social media messages and will form part of the company image. This means making use of professional video production companies who know, understand and are able to produce the correct high quality video as well as be capable of producing video which is useful in the social media sphere.