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In days of old, marketing was split into two categories, above the line and below the line advertising. Above the line was broadcast radio, TV and newspaper print advertising.Below the line was fliers, door to door marketing, bumper stickers and so on. Thanks to the internet that all changed and the landscape of branding and marketing changed quite significantly.

Although the terms above the line and below the line are still used in the advertising industry, they no longer apply to business owners. This especially applies to small and medium sized business when it comes to their marketing. Just because you cant afford TV advertising does not mean you now have to make fliers to hand out at the traffic lights. You can now have a range of advertising from simple banner adds on other websites to having full video productions for TV-like advertising on places like YouTube. What has been a revolution of the visual marketing industry, has also made the game of adverting way more cost effective.

Where placing an advert on TV would cost hundreds of thousands and even millions of Rands can now be done for a few thousand or tens of thousands. Its not just that its cheaper but that it can actually be way more effective than broadcast TV advertising. If this type of marketing was only intended to be cheap, you would only see the small unknown companies advertising this way but in fact you are now seeing larger and larger companies turning to the internet for their video marketing. Not only is it cheaper to run your company adverts online but the video production is also hugely cheaper.The reason for this is that the standards are completely different.While it is always important to keep a high standard for your video production to maintain your company image, the technical standards can be more attainable and therefore cheaper.

When only a select group of highly skilled people with very expensive equipment are the only people who can provide you with a service, you tend to have very high prices to pay.This has changed not only with what is required for the internet being lower in technical level but in the video production equipment being higher in technical level available at a lower price. The pro-sumer HD video cameras now provide a higher level of video quality than those used for broadcast TV only a few years ago.

Now video production companies in Johannesburg and around South Africa can provide high end high quality video productions to small and medium sized business who want to market online. What has not, and probably will never change, is the ability for the video production companies in Gauteng to provide a video that is worth using for company marketing. Just because the technology has changed does not mean the need for skills has. The producers of the video marketing still need years of experience to be able to offer the type of video which is useful for online marketing. Many an unskilled business owner who has gone and bought a camera over the counter to make his or her company video can attest to this. What seemed like a great idea to save money, suddenly looks like just another bad idea.

Just because the online video marketing is cheaper, does not mean it can be cheap. Skills cost money. However thanks to all the changes, the skilled video production will over-all cost way less than it used to.

In future we will begin discussing how the online video marketing types differ dramatically from the old TV adverts both in content and style.