Budget Video Marketing For Business

Perfect For Facebook Adverts !

The perfect length of just under 12 seconds and the file size is just right for Facebook adverts.

How It Works

Its very simple. You order you amazing business marketing video buy clicking on the BUY  NOW ! button and we make the exact video you see above, just with your photos and text.

What Do You Supply?

3 Photographs to match your message and logo. (No larger than 2 Mb) They should be :

Image 1: “The Problem” such as “leaking pipes.

Image 2: “The solution” such as showing your repairs.

Image 3: A photo of your business showing your people and /or vehicles with branding.

Logo: You can supply a logo for the end titles with contact details. If you don’t have a logo then the 3rd image can be used as in the example.


Text For Your Video:

1) Provide a maximum of 5 to 7 words for the “Problem” and a maximum of 5 to 7 words for the “solution”.

2) Provide business name, telephone number and web address.

Why video production on a budget?

There are times when video should be of the highest quality money can buy. These are times when showing the company in the best light. It is important to maintain company image. Cheap video production can on at times damage company image. So be sure to have the best videos you can have for your business to protect your company name and brand. There are times however when affordable videos are just right.

Even very big brands and companies do affordable videos now and again. In fact even businesses like well known soda companies have turned to YouTube funny videos to reach a new audience or to simply try out new territories. It is in these times when cheap marketing video scan fit the bill. Many companies know that they should be advertising on social media and using video to do it. What holds so many companies back is the fear of the cost of the video production.

This is where a good quality cheap marketing video is great. Low cost, low risk and a great way to “dip your toe in”  first before taking the plunge. Facebook adverts and YouTube adverts are an excellent way to make use of low cost video marketing to reach a wide and targeted audience.

If you were to compare the price of, for example, printing out hundreds of fliers and dishing them out in the blind hope of reaching even one customer, versus low cost video marketing that is geared towards potential buyers who are already heavily filtered to be the right audience, you would see that video is leaps ahead. Mostly it is the fear of the unknown that has businesses struggling to make the first move.

Video has been shown to be highly effective. Social media marketing has been proven to be the answer to target marketing. The cost compared to traditional broadcast marketing is astonishing low. Yet businesses who need the new customers often stand frozen like a “dear in the headlights”. This is where low cost video comes to the rescue.

What Makes This Type Of Video Work?

Apart from it fitting the budget nicely, why would you want this kind of video? Does it even work? Many newcomers to video marketing and even marketing as a whole, think that “more is more”. This can result in lengthy videos with way to much information. If a person needs a plumber now, do you think they care what year your business was formed? Do you think they care about the specialized tools you use? Do you think they care about anything except getting their leak fixed fast, affordably and professionally? It is pretty safe to assume they do not. There is always an audience out their that needs your specific service right now.

This is where targeting effectively is more important than showing off with a big production.

If people have a problem and you have the solution that is perfect for them which does not have an excessive price tag, then there is no need to convince them. Most people know what a plumber is. Most people know when they need one. All you have to do is be in there line of sight when they need you. If your business needs a lengthy explanation then chances are this type of marketing will not work for you. This kind of video marketing is for a type of business people already know and understand. You just need to be the one visible to them when they need your type of service. This applies to all commonly understood services and products. Accountants, mechanics, lawyers, dentists, animal care, garden services, delivery services, towing services…The list goes on and on. If your business does not need to be explained, just be visible to people who need your service, then this kind of video marketing is just right. All that matters then is getting in front of those people with your video.