Marketing Video Production and Viral Video Sales

Marketing Video Productions and Viral Video Sales

There has been, over the last few years, a chase for businesses to produce a viral video. The thinking seems to be that views equals new web page hits equals new clients equals sales. But is this really the case?

There have been many viral videos. There have also been many company viral videos too. But have any of these viral videos made the companies any more sales or did they simply provide entertainment for the viewers?

If you branding is the main function of the video then maybe there has been success. An example would be the soft drink companies prank videos which, although may not be measurable in sales, increasing or maintaining brand recognition may have been achieved. What we are talking about today is the ability for small or medium sized businesses to make a useful contribution to their marketing through viral videos.

The problem with viral videos is that they often have to be quite extreme to generate the response or desire from the public to share the videos with others and make it go viral.

This kind of extreme marketing may be very harmful for businesses who try to put out a more professional image. An auditing firm for example having a video of singing cats or extreme pranks might not be as intelligent as it should be.

There is a saying: Just because you can does not mean you should.

If a company wants to use video, which by the way is a great idea for marketing, the first consideration , when speaking to video production companies is to decide whether viral video is the right type for that business.

There is a type of video which you might call semi viral can often be more appropriate.This type of video, although it might not have a million views can be more useful to attract the right kind of viewers and as a result have a higher click rate and conversion rate as a result.

For example if an consulting firm wanted to bring in more clients, they could make a video from a corporate conference which for example gives ten of the best business management tips for the year.

This would attract viewers who are more likely to be in the position to make the decision of which accountant their company uses.

Often clearly associated ideas can attract a much more useful crowd of viewers. Keep in mind that viral videos and any kind of marketing videos used for business should not only maintain the image of the business but be able to bring potential clients or at least increase branding. Unless you intend to entertain the world for free, consider why your video is being made and what impact it could have on your business.

Video production companies in Johannesburg often have a wide variety of skills to produce top quality video but the content and message of that video should always be your decision and it should be a well thought out idea.

It can be a very dangerous thing when an unskilled and uninformed person picks up a camera and proceeds to make a "viral video" and simply goes on to destroy a companies image.

They used to say that "the pen is mightier than the sword"

That is mostly because they used to fight with swords and communicate with writing done with a pen. Now we have high powered weapons and digital communication including video.

Consider how powerful your communication is now.It makes the pen and the sword look like a joke.

Use your message wisely.

The next time you speak to any corporate video production companies and the words "viral video" come up, you may want to keep these ideas in mind.

Whats new and exciting in video?

What's new and exciting in video?

Over the past few years there have been a few jumps in video technology but the exciting part has really started to happen for the video production companies and corporate videographers who work on HD video but can see 4K as the near target and want to get there but not sure how they can to do it without having to get a huge loan.

The answer has come with the technology of micro 4/3 cameras. There have been many who have talked about the DSLR as the new video cameras for low budget high quality productions.The problem is that most and possibly all DSLR cameras can only deliver video in HD and not in 4K. Some people might say that this does not matter because everything is in HD anyway.

That is about as short sited as saying you could stick with VHS video because that lasted more than two decades and was a leader in domestic video. The truth is that all things technology have moved on and more importantly, technology improves along with the public and corporate desire for it. Too many videographers hold onto their old technology until its very much not sellable.

How many SD digital video cameras have lined the shelves of second hand electronics stores with no buyers in sight to dish out for equipment nobody wants.

The fact is that there is completely no use whatsoever for an SD video camera yet it was only a few years ago that HD wasn't really an option either because everything went to DVD anyway and video was being done as interlaced and not progressive as well because of the broadcast formats.

So it's time to let go of the past technology and look to 4k and beyond. But how can you take advantage of this technology at a price that's not too out of reach. Firstly because 4k video is quite new, the price is higher than it will be in the near future so you shouldn't expect cheap cameras soon but there are already 4K cameras that are at an affordable price range such as the action camera GoPro Black Hero 4 but this is not broadcast 4K by any stretch of the imagination.

It is however a great "cheaper" way to start with 4k video.

If you want to get into high quality 4K right away then there are only a few options. The two main contenders are Panasonic with their new GH4 and the Black Magic range of cameras but not all Black magic cameras are 4K.Many models are still HD only. Another contender is Sony with their "pro-sumer" DV cam.

This is a 4K camera or UHD camera but the specifications might not allow it to be considered "broadcast" 4K.

With digital satellite and terrestrial HD broadcast in South Africa requiring at least 150 mb/s the only real contender is the Panasonic GH4.It looks to be the only 4K UHD camera in the "affordable" price range which delivers 4K at 100 Mb/s and HD at 200 Mb/s which is pretty much broadcast all round. What the Johannesburg video production companies need to keep in mind is that the standard GH4 does 4K UHD but is heavily compressed. For true high end video quality Panasonic also provides an extra module (at an extra cost) which then clips on the under side of the GH4 camera that turns it into a high end broadcast camera which is able to deliver movie quality (pro res) 4K which at the price range of a decent HD DV Cam is just absolutely amazing.

Video production companies in Gauteng, who are closely associated with broadcast TV, know that just because its in HD or 4K UHD does not make the footage usable. Less than 150 MB/s HD is probably good enough for the corporate video production companies but the problem can come in when a corporate client loves the work done and asks if the video can be changed to broadcast HD for TV.

You can always step down quality of video but stepping up can only really ever be a format change or bit rate change but with the same low quality image. Some video companies get away with converting the video but it will never have the image quality of an original 150 MB/s and above video.

There are also some small corporate video production companies in Johannesburg who believe that "broadcast" quality is only for broadcast TV. This couldn't be further from the truth as we all know the TVs in many residential homes have higher specifications than the broadcast signals that they receive. As an example there are many 4K UHD model TVs but hardly any 4K broadcasters. In South Africa there are no 4K broadcasts at all but there are 4K TVs in stores and in many homes.

So in fact "broadcast" should be considered as the minimum requirement for video.

Although sound hire companies in Johannesburg might not need this kind of video quality for live feed video to projectors and big screens, the problem is that many of the audio visual clients are asking for the live feed video to be made into corporate videos after the event.

The standard feed camera on a tripod now needs to become broadcast quality so this also applies for audio visual companies in Johannesburg. The 4K UHD and high bit rate cant be overlooked anymore as just an option but potentially may become the industry standard .

How to do hand drawn video.

There is a great new trend towards doing marketing video using hand drawn videos. This is where an artist draws pictures and words as the narrator delivers the story. It is a wonderful way to get your message across while keeping the viewers attention for a longer time. Its great, not only for advertising on the web, but for corporate presentations as well.

When a conventional advert is played , the viewer will often cut it and stop watching way before the 30 seconds is up because they can tell that it is an advert. The huge amount of money spent on the big production advert is lost because or this. The hand drawn advert is often cheaper and is often more attention grabbing and attention keeping than conventional adverts.

So if it is so great and so cheap, what is the problem? The real problem for making these types of videos is the lighting. There are very few videographers in Johannesburg and video production companies in Johannesburg who know how to get the lighting right. You would think that lighting a simple white board is easy but in fact it is one of the most difficult surfaces to video because of it's highly reflective surface. It is a bit like videoing someone writing on a mirror without seeing the image of the person in the mirror.

It is a clever combination of camera angles and multiple diffused lights that provide a clean image which not only does not reflect the artist or the camera but has absolutely no shadows whatsoever.

Many video production companies around the world have tried and failed.They end up with ugly multiple shadows , criss-crossing the artists hand which is very distracting.Simply go to YouTube and watch a few hand drawn or white board videos and you will see the problems. One video production company in Johannesburg has perfected the art of whiteboard adverts which results in absolutely no shadows whatsoever and only the tiniest reflection of the artists hand. Check out this amazing corporate video production company Johannesburg to find out more.