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How to market your e-commerce business online in south Africa.

Business marketing using video as YouTube Adverts,Social Media Marketing,Google Adwords, Email Drops, Facebook, Remarketing to promote your e-commerce store.

Marketing strategies for small e-commerce businesses in South Africa.

Video Production For South African Companies


Marketing with video online for e-commerce.

Business large and small are going on-line.

E-commerce is now the new normal with businesses of all kinds turning to e-commerce to sell their products and services.A range of services such as Shopify and ECWID have made it easier to make the change. More sophisticated online stores have opted to have an e-commerce store built from the ground up by a web developer. The web developer can make the site more customized to suit the needs of the e-store. This is however out of reach for some smaller stores. The plug-and-play type e-stores unfortunately have a very similar look and feel to other stores which can be a benefit but can also be a problem for businesses trying to distinguish themselves from the competition..

It is in the distinguishing or standing out that is important when it comes to promoting a business brand. This is where businesses such as Takealot in South Africa have made a huge difference. People will often go straight to to search for a product. This is because of the enormous amount of marketing done by Takealot. This marketing is often done in the form of online videos. These can be physical “live video” of the real world or can be simple animations. The simple 2D animations are the most popular because they don’t require the filming of the business. This however does not always make it cheaper.

Change your marketing to suit the changing times.

If you are going to change your business completely, you may as well change your marketing for the better.

It’s time to out market your competition. Here’s how it’s done:

YouTube as a platform.

Using YouTube can be one of the first steps to your video marketing strategy for marketing your online store.

The video needs to speak directly to the buyers needs.

This means the whole buying process should be made easier in the real world and be displayed in your marketing video.

Problems you solve:

1) Ease of purchase.

2) Trust in your brand and business.

3) Affordable pricing.

Video marketing as reviews

One of the best ways to market a product on your store is to do an “unboxing” or a review of the product.

This builds trust and familiarity with both product and your store.

If you provide a link to your product in your store from the video, you can have buyers arriving at your store directly from your video.

The videos would also create a follower or fan base which also helps to bring in repeat clients. The followers of the channel can be updated with new products and specials by being notified about the latest video or review update.

This way, the buyers become a giant fan club and repeat sales as well as new buyers can be constantly feed to your e-store.

The video production

The video can be as simple filming the product to having a studio style “review” of a product. This means using the product in the real world and showing how well it performs.

It can also be an “unboxing” where the product is unboxed and displayed to the view of the video. The unboxing is great for products which don’t actually have and function such as jewelry or ornaments, while functional products, even kitchen utensils can be shown in their working state.

Creating the video idea

The video can be filmed in one single location such as a “studio” which can be just about anywhere as long as it looks professional. All you need to do is set up the camera, sound and lighting correctly to ensure that the video is the best quality you can make it.

Then make a short 2 to 5 minute video. Long reviews don’t attract an audience. Videos longer than 5 minutes wont be watched or viewers will simply stop watching after a few minutes. Be sure to get to the point about the product and not go on aimlessly about things that have no relation to the product.

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