Induction video production showing CNC machine used by industrial companies in Johannesburg

Industrial Company Video Productions.

Industrial company video is one of our specialities. Industrial and manufacturing businesses need video the same as corporate companies. Industrial businesses need marketing videos, about-us videos and safety induction as well as training videos. Have our team create just the right video for your industrial company.

Most industrial businesses have products and services which are more complicated. So potential clients often need more information. Providing long text documents just does not work these days. Most people do not have the patience to read through long documents. That is why video works so well for providing high volumes of information in an easily consumed fashion. Video can provide a higher amount of information but also hold the potential client’s attention for much longer. This means you will have a potential client stay interested for longer and have a lower bounce rate. What is a bounce rate? Well when Google watches the behaviour of people who visit your web site they can see how long they stay. This means that if a potential client see huge amounts of text, they are inclined to leave sooner. This produces a high bounce rate. It does help to have the text content¬† on your page so Google can see what the page is all about and text is great for basic SEO but if people don’t stay then that is not good. So having the text and a video to show the the person coming to your web page then you get the best of both worlds. Text for Google and video for low bounce rate while informing and connecting with the potential client.

What is the best kind of video for industrial companies?

The kinds of videos need for industrial companies are very similar to corporate business video needs. The difference is really in the approach. There is more explaining needed in industrial video. While corporate businesses can rely on the preexisting knowledge of people, industrial and manufacturing companies need to provide more insight. This means that the videos may be slightly longer and need to have answers to questions which potential clients may have about your part of the industry and what the solutions are that you provide.