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Using marketing videos for business promotion is, at this point, the most obvious direction for any company large or small. Online marketing is about the only form of marketing that is of any use to most companies these days. You know you need to create videos for your business. You know how important they are but you are not sure how to start.

This is a brief explanation on how to produce your own videos for business.

It is important to understand that there is a time for self-creation and a time for professional video production. If you only ever create your own low or zero budget videos for your business you will start to struggle to maintain a professional image.

Yes, it is acceptable to do selfie videos and low-quality productions now and again because it does give a more "real" and personal connection to the viewer however your company image can soon be damaged if this is the only type of video you create.

image of coffee shop used for marketing

That said, let’s start by having an overall look at what you want to achieve with your videos. The flow will be as follows:

1) What outcome is needed from the videos?

2) What type of video will produce that outcome?

3) What technical skills and equipment will be needed?

4) How long will it take for the videos to have an impact?

5) When do you switch to a professional video production company?

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So, let’s start at the beginning. The question many would-be marketers often forget is what they are trying to achieve with the video. In many cases marketers simply know that they should be making and using videos but don't know exactly what that achieves. It's like some sort of grudge purchase that many businesses feel they should do because everyone else is doing it.

Ask yourself this: Do you want to improve company branding, create immediate conversions from new buyers or simply build up a following to make use of at a later stage? These different outcomes will need different video types.

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Video type

For example, to build an audience you could create "how to" style videos that your market would want to watch and become a follower of. These types of videos are helpful and do very title to build branding or convert to any sales. They are however a great way to build an audience to market to later.

It is important not to get your messages mixed. Only very occasionally can you drop in a marketing message into your videos when you have established trust with your audience. Your "How To" video should be focused purely on the viewer’s needs. It should answer a question they want answered or solve a problem they want solved. Be sure to understand what that is before you begin filming.

computer screen showing different video types

For branding, you are better off speaking with a professional marketing team or video production companies. This is where your DIY videos can go badly wrong. It is often advisable to steer clear of branding videos as a beginner. If you do not have video production or marketing experience then this should be left to the professionals. These types of videos can include product videos, "About-Us" videos or straight up adverts which talk about your business service or product. These videos do little to nothing for conversion so don't expect sales from these types of video. They do however build trust in your brand and your business.

For immediate or fast conversions to sales, there is only one route which has shown the most success. That is to offer something to your target audience. This can come in the form of a special offer which is easily redeemable by the target audience. It can be a free trial of some kind or it can be a free webinar or training which then ends with a special offer. Either way this video must provide a very attractive "no-brainer" offer that your target audience would clearly want. You then direct them to a pay portal and you are done.

Technical skills

Both the branding and the conversion videos require a high level of marketing and video production skill. The videos used to build a following, on the other hand, are completely within your grasp. There are some technical hurdles to overcome though. These are lighting, sound, scripting, ideas, editing, camera operation and uploading.

In terms of lighting, more is better. The more light you have the better the image will be. It is easier to turn down the exposure on the camera when the set is too bright than it is to bring up the exposure when the set is too dark. Low light brings video noise and poor imaging. Try to stick to one type of light to reduce mixing the colors. That means use the same types of globes with the same white balance of light. Light the foreground, presenter and background.

headphones and clapper board for video productions

For sound the easiest and often best way to go is with a lapel or lavalier microphone. These can either be expensive wireless mics or a more affordable cable lapel mic. Be sure to purchase the best one you can afford but they are not anywhere near as expensive as a wireless one. The audio can often be recorded directly into the camera if the camera has a mic input or to a separate audio recorder which can be as a simple as a good quality cell phone.

If the video and sound are recorded separately they will need to be synchronized in the edit. It helps to have a clapper board or simple hand clap at the beginning of each take to synchronize the audio in the edit.

Always remember to normalize or level your maximum audio to just below 0db. This ensures your levels are loud enough but not distorting

Time frame

Videos take time to make. Even professional video production companies in Johannesburg take between two weeks and a few months to make a video. It all depends on the complexity of the video but also such things as availability of venues and presenters or actors.

For most marketing videos the filming can be completed in one or two days. The editing can then take weeks or months.

clock showing time frame of video production

Also the length of the video is important, firstly, to be as appropriate as possible for the platform you will be using it on, the target audience and the desired outcome.

Video lengths range from very short 5 second to 30 second commercials or adverts. For many company "About Us" videos this can range from one to two minutes

"How To" videos on the other hand can be as short as a few minutes to an hour or longer.

When to switch to a professional

The do-it-yourself route should really only be reserved for the instructional videos and some social media promotion such as cell phone videos showing it "as it happens".

Company branding, marketing and "About Us" videos should be done by professional video production companies.

Many would-be business marketers often find that within their first day of filming or editing that they are out of their depth. It takes humility to realize that a professional is needed after you have gone to the effort and expense to do the work yourself.

filming set with video production camera

There is no shame in admitting that a proffessional is needed.

If your company image and branding is at risk, rather use those in the know.


There are times when creating videos yourself can work well for business marketing. In many cases though it is better to use a video production company.

When you do make videos yourself be sure that the audio quality is good and leveled, that the set is well lit and that the image is properly exposed.

presenter being filmed with a video production camera

Be sure to learn as much as you can about filming and editing to get the best quality you can for your videos.

Feel free to contact us about all your video marketing.

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