Businesses COVID-19 Videos

How Businesses Can Use COVID-19 safety videos for level 3 lock-down

Businesses need to keep their staff informed. There is no better way than video

Level 3 lock-down is upon us and so are all the new regulations related to businesses. Employees need to be informed about what rules there are relating to their conduct at work, what changes have been made and what emergency procedures are in place.

It can be a very expensive cost for having a staff member doing this day in and day out. A business can also not be sure of the consistency of the information in the messages been given out. A video on the other hand can run 24 Hrs. a day with the exact same message day in and day out.

Not only will your business be complying with lock-down requirements but you will be protecting your staff as well as visitors to your company.

Videos can be played on TV screens and monitors at receptions as well as in work areas to keep staff and visitors educated about COVID-19 related requirements. It will also help them in an emergency as the information will be consistently displayed.

With all the work that needs to be done to get business up and running again, video can be a great help to take some of the load.

COVID-19 videos can be made to suit your business requirements. If you don't have visitors, the video can be aimed at staff only. If you have a lot of traffic, the important messages to visitors can be displayed and also shown to authorities that the message is being conveyed.

Safety videos can be shown in areas such as receptions or be delivered to individual staff members by sharing a link or a video file. This means that no group gathering will be needed. This further helps to protect staff.

The cost effectiveness, time saving, protection for staff and public as well as complying with regulations makes COVID-19 safety videos an absolutely must for business in Johannesburg Gauteng and around South Africa. Video can be made remotely as well so provinces including Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga, Orange Free State, Northwest, Limpopo, Northern cape and Kwazulu-Natal can all have Covid-19 videos made for their businesses.