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Use the power of video to promote internally or to potential clients as well as create awareness campaigns. Corporate viral video productions, business marketing and product and service advertising .
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Cost effective professional corporate training video production company in Johannesburg and around Gauteng.Train staff efficiently and have a higher level of retention of information with video. For your corporate training video production in South Africa. Top quality training videos for business
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Video of your corporate event. Complete turnkey operation from audio visual rental to video capture and editing.Johannesburg corporate photography. Professional conference video production services in Johannesburg Gauteng.
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Corporate video services in Johannesburg. Skilled videographers and editors to help with your video recording and video editing needs.

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Having a professional video of conferences or training.Clear high quality marketing videos made to order.recordings done in HD or 4k with professional sound recording.

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We will turn your video recordings into final video products with our complete in-house corporate video editing facilities.

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Corporate Video production in Johannesburg can take on a number of forms. Corporate really specifies that the videos are for business use as opposed to personal use. In business, there are a number of ways that video can be used. These include training videos, marketing videos, B2B instruction videos, internal messaging for business, induction safety videos and many more. It is important that your business or corporate videos maintain a high standard at all times as your business image always forms part of, and is affected by, what other people see in your videos. That is why whether your business needs an instruction video or a marketing video for your online marketing we maintain a high quality level and keep logos, branding and company image consistant. We also assist you with the entire video project from script writing to scene selection and voice overs. We have asisted even completely newcomers to videos and video marketing. No prior experience with video is required. Whether you are already a seasoned marketer, have marketing company or are a small busienss who need video services, we can help.

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Why such a fuss about video production these days?

It seems everywhere you look its video video video. So what is going on? Well that fact that there is so much video going on is the point! Video production has taken over as the number one selling point of a business. This includes small start up companies, not just big corporations. If you are thinking "why would I need video for my business?", I would recommend you put down the Rubik's cube, pack away the corduroy pants , switch off the lava lamp and move into the real 21st century. Video has now become the backbone of just about all good marketing campaigns and is filling a gap in the training department too. People are no longer interested in reading 50 Page documents to know something new. They want to watch a video and be done with it. So if you are wondering what video can be used for here are a few ideas: 1) Video on your website 2) Video on YouTube and Vimeo to market your business or product 3) Video to be used in email online marketing (That is email mass marketing) 4) Meeting videos for records 5) business production for marketing and training The list goes on and on. Just use your imagination and you will find a new place for video. Video production has always been there in the form of corporate production for marketing, training and induction video productions but it has now moved to an epic scale.Video production services and video production companies now hold the key to climbing to the top of the pile. Video production or videoproduktion (miss spelt) is really the future of communication and marketing. Corporate video production is no longer the place where rich companies and film makers go to. It is now the home of marketing creation for many small businesses too. Viral marketing video is one of the reasons for that. A simple video can cause a huge stir and bring clients and buyers to you. Product DVD is also very popular now because even people with very low tech environments can often use DVD. Video media whether HD blue Ray DVD or standard definition can bring a leap in interest by the viewer who would otherwise have a pile of documents in front of them. TV film production companies have for too long been seen as for the elite. That is now changing with more affordable video in production, smaller companies are taking a bite of the marketing pie for them selves. Promotional video production from video production houses , was seen in the past as part of the large commercial advertisement industry. That is changing very quickly.Corporate video is now in the reach of many companies and will even more utilised in the future by more small to medium companies.Video productions will soon be as common place as office furniture.People soon learn that the do-it-yourself route is pointless and you need a video production company to get it done right.

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Why does video production matter more than ever?

Simple statistics show that video production is the number one resource for marketing against just about anything.YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. 45.4% of internet users view at least one video online in a month. 100 million internet users watch online video each day. 90% of online shoppers at major retailers find video of products helpful and are more likely to buy when there is a video. 10 seconds is how long you have to grad the viewers attention or 20% will leave. by 30 seconds 33% will leave. by 1 minute its 45% gone by 2 minutes its 60% that have left. If these statistics do not show you that professional video production is needed for your marketing, then you may as well go back to sticking fliers on trees. Video production companies have become one of the most important services in marketing. As much as the technology exists to make your own video now, the chances of you being successful are probably less than 1 % It is the skill and techniques that the video production services providers that make or break your marketing. So if you are still wondering if video production matters to your business, think no more.Its pretty obvious that without professional video production , your business will probably fall way behind, especially if your business is based strongly on internet marketing.

Can you boost cold call sales?

Can you boost cold call sales?

Can video improve cold call sales?

Most businesses apart from a very select few at some point would need to do cold calling to increase their customer numbers and increase sales of their services or products. Although a lot of techniques have been used and improved for the effectiveness of cold calling there is a new type of consumer who is not very interested in facts or figures but wants an understandable explanation of a business or service which is quick and easy to to digest.

This is partly what has caused video production to explode in business. Although having great sales techniques which are still very important and cannot be removed from the sales system, video has become a great tool for completing the understanding of the product or service . This is certainly the case when that service may be more complicated or very new in some way. There have been a lot of new and brilliant business ideas which businesses have set up but they have not been able to explain their great idea to the potential customers so what could have been a fantastic business venture can end up being a complete flop because the potential customers who may have potentially really liked the new service and may have happily paid for it might not understand it initially and therefore not use the great new service.

Video production companies, as brilliant as they are at making marketing video, does not necessarily mean that they are great at marketing. In the same way a printing company may be amazing at printing posters for huge billboards, they too may not be great at marketing their own services. Having corporate video production Johannesburg companies create an amazing video is certainly the move in the right direction but , importantly, the content of that video must be appropriate and the video it's self must be used correctly.

If your business sales techniques are flawless but a clearer description of the services your company provides, is needed then the marketing part is not as important and the video can be used as a tool to simply complete the sale. The corporate video production companies should do exactly as you would imagine.They make videos. If you intended using the video as a marketing tool in its own right then you should consider what the video should contain and then very importantly how the video is to be used. There the thinking by many that by simply making a video or having one made for their business by video production services , which is simply put onto YouTube, is good enough for their business marketing. This would be the same thinking as that printing a poster and throwing it out the window and hoping it will provide the correct exposure.

YouTube along with many other video hosting platforms may provide your business some exposure, but if the video is not marketed correctly, the marketing from the video will not achieve very much. Some might say, "If the video needs to be marketed anyway, then why make the video in the first place?" The fact is that the video has a much higher impact on the viewer than text or audio would.So the sales conversion rate is often higher.

So although the video has to be marketed , it's often the video which closes the deal in the viewers mind. So the question of whether video can improve cold call sales is answered by how video is used. If a professional sales person used the video correctly, the video can overcome objections by providing easy to understand solutions and also most people would not commit to something which they did not understand. So if you are a sound hire company, a delivery company, an internet video marketer or even a video production house, the use of video can overcome the final stumbling blocks to complete the sale which began as a cold call.

Make Your Own YouTube Video

5 Things to remember when shooting your YouTube

5 things to remember when shooting your YouTube video.

So you decided to do your own internet video marketing or email video marketing and more importantly you want to make a viral marketing video.
As much as many people see a viral video and a marketing video as two different things, they can be one and the same.

If you see a production company video, you can tell straight away not only from the picture but also from the sound that it has been done by video production companies who are skilled in their art form.

Your video production does not have to be this way and in fact might tip the audience off that it is in fact not your standard viral video, which is just for the entertainment value of it, but may be a marketing video which will scare your audience off right away.This will result in your video not going viral and worse is that the marketing value is massively reduced.

If you decide to go the route of home made video for viral marketing, you will still want to make sure that you pay attention to certain things such as :

1) Is there enough light? (image quality)
2) Is the audio clear enough for the audience.(sound quality)
3) Does it keep the audiences attention or does it drag on? (entertainment value)
4) Does the video allow you to transition from entertainment to marketing ? (marketing value)
5) Do you know how to market the video in the first place? (Viral activation)

When you shoot your video, although you may not want it to look like a professional video, you don't want low light which causes blur in the movement because the camera tries to adjust to the low light.You also don't want it to be too dark that the audience cant see much.Add light where you can.

The microphone on the camera is not always ideal. If your subject is also far from the camera, you will need another sound recorder which you can be synchronize with the video later.

YouTube videos should not be longer than 3 minutes and in most cases less than 1 minute to really capture the attention and improve the desire for people to share it.

There must be a way for your entertainment in the video to lead to your marketing either without them noticing it such as putting a logo in a subtle place or leading into an actual sales pitch. Most viewers if they feel they are being sold something will stop in their tracks and leave.Remember it does not help to catch one person and never have then want to share their experience. The video should be well thought out to have the right emotional or entertainment message to match your sales idea and also not damage your company image afterwards.
It does not help for the video to go viral only to find that it has made your company into a joke.

Remember that no matter how great your video is, it will most likely not go viral if nobody sees it in the first place so a well thought out strategy should be included in your viral video plan. You can use social media and many other ways to get the video "kick started" so to speak. Once the first people start to share then it can get going on its own but may still need extra boosting.

When using video media for things like an induction video you really should use a video digital professional
or at least a corporate videographer because of the complexities and many legalities involved but if you want to make a corporate production without using a corporate video production company or film and video production type of company, you can get it done because of the low expectations for video and sound quality of the audience. Many, if not most, of the viral videos seen on YouTube and other video platforms are shot on a cheap camera by an inexperienced person. Well, inexperienced with video anyway.

So why would you use video production companies in Johannesburg who would just spoil your deception by looking too professional? The answer is that video production companies Johannesburg based, or any where else in the world, would know how to make the video look less light a professional corporate video production and more like a home video while still maintaining high video and sound quality and they should know all the legalities involved with video production.

If you decide to make video without a video production Johannesburg company, or not to use a video production company at all, then be sure to note:
This information is provided with no guaranteed, intended or implied. Results of your production may vary. Use of this information is at your own risk. There are many other requirements for video production such as legal release documents and an understanding of rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to make sure that you know these rules and regulations. No responsibility is taken by me in any way to provide you with this information. That is your responsibility. Safety is also your own responsibility. Take care if you decide to do your own production.Abide by safety regulations when required by law and common sense.Abide by all privacy and copyright laws. It is your own responsibility to find out all other requirements for video productions.Your decision to work without a professional video production company is at your own risk.

Video production companies can be of great assistance in your video production. Be sure to contact at least one to find out more. Video companies are there for a good reason.

Why do I need video for my business

Why do I need video for my business?

With all the improvements in video technology, the changes in business marketing, the variety of networking tools that are available and with business marketing ideas changing every day, the question often still remains: Why do I need video for my business? The answer can be learned from looking at old and new companies. There are important lessons that can be learned about what to do with marketing and what not to do.

Firstly business practices, in how you run a business, will always be up for discussion and debate along with many business principles but what has really changed dramatically to the point, that all businesses should take notice of, is how marketing a business has changed. All you need to do is to look at the changes in the size and quantity of print publications and marketing and you will see that there has been a huge move to on-line media and online marketing for businesses.

There are well established, one could say old , companies in sizable numbers who have seen a huge decline in their business as a result of not changing their business marketing strategies to fit with the time. Many of these companies can no longer be found at all as they have been closed from a lack of business. It is a simple truth that those who adapt with the changes will survive and thrive in the changing markets and those who insist on staying the same will likely fall by the way-side.

Many people would see Apple (Apple Computers) as a new and vibrant tech company when in fact it was one of the first, if not the first, computer company in the world. Apple was in established in 1976, when many new business owners an entrepreneurs were not even born yet but Apple have managed to grab an enormous market share in the Tech industry and computer industry. Some could argue that it is mostly because of their great technological innovations that they are so dominant. That would be true in part but what if nobody had ever heard about these innovations? Apple understands how marketing works in ways that we could only begin to imagine and what do we see Apple doing? Video after video after video.

Many corporate video production companies in Johannesburg have long known of the power and importance of video productions for small medium and large companies. Many of Large companies who have been around for a long time, and intend being around for longer, have turned to video production for their marketing.

Is the picture becoming clearer? (Literally and figuratively) If you are still asking the question: "why do I need video for my business?" * YouTube has over 1 Billion viewers * YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google * YouTube videos can provide back-links to a webpage * Video can be embedded into websites * Video is more digestible than text. * They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A video has 24 to 60 pictures per second. * Video was originally reserved for corporate training and broadcast video advertising.

* Video production companies are now producing more web based video than ever. Video is also now available to just about everyone and can make an huge difference to the marketing of your business. Video is no longer seen as a luxury but a necessity when it comes to effective business marketing in 2015.

How to use video in your business for training.Part 2

How to use video in your business for training.Part 2

When you are recording your trainees, remember that a single camera can not capture all the angles unless the camera is moving or the sales presentation will be stationary.

It is often best to use at least two cameras if the sales student will be moving.The one camera can be fixed with wide angle lens or zoomed out and the second camera can be on a tripod or movable. It is often best to have the second camera be stationary with a movable head for the camera to stay out of the trainees way . It is also much less conspicuous as many trainee students become intimidated by the camera.

The two camera angels can then be edited into a smooth flowing video which changes from the one angle to another to capture the full training session along with high quality sound.

When speaking to the video production companies about having your training sessions recorded, it is important that they understand that the video recordings do not need to be broadcast quality but only a record of the training but the sound quality needs to be good.

Some video production companies may try provide the super high quality video that they are used to but this would not be appropriate as the money spent on training is very different to that spent on marketing videos or corporate events.

Make sure that the video production companies in Johannesburg understand that it is not so much a low budget deal but should be cost effective to use for training purposes.

Once you get the video recording right , you will end up with a great way to have a record of the training as well as be able to use the videos to help the students see what they are doing wrong and help them grow faster. Video has now become the prefered way of training staff, whether at a distance or at there own office desks. The learning process is easier to track and no interaction is needed between staff.