Corporate Videography company in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa.

Corporate Videography in Johannesburg

Absolutely AV is a corporate video production company in Johannesburg and provides video services to businesses.

That means all business or company related video services are covered including marketing videos, training videos, legal recordings, company conferences, product demonstration videos as well as social media clips.

To find out more about the difference between "production companies" and corporate video production companies you need to understand that size matters. Production companies do large productions while video production companies and corporate video production companies focus mostly on what might be considered budget productions for companies .

So if you are searching for a list of production companies in Johannesburg or for a video production price list, remember that the price fits the production in most cases .

Budget does not mean cheap and big prices dont always mean the best.

What Absolutely AV has prided its self on for many years, is the ability to make a budget video look like a high end production. While it may seem like some kind of magic trick, in fact it really boils down to how much effort the videographer is willing to put in. That means using moving cameras, high quality eqipment, excellent lighting and professional editing to make what is in fact a low cost video look like it cost ten times as much. This is also a skill which takes year to develop. You can't simply move a camera around and hope that it makes the video look better. A deep understanding of what the movements mean and what feeling is generated by the movements, is needed to be able to pull this off. Many video producers would simply use this skill set learned over many years to charge higher prices. Absolutely AV on the other hand understands that there is a section of the market, who while being able to afford video productions as opposed to businesses who cant, still need to be able to carefully budget for the work done. No intelligent business owner is going to simply throw money at a production in the hope that it looks great. Real businesses and especially SMEs , need to watch budgets carefully as they would with other parts of their business. There are many people who think that you create a perseption of quality by increasing prices and, in reverse, think that decreasing prices make a product or service look low quality. This has been the type of business training given out by many "business coach gurus". It is however not as simplistic as that. A reputation is earned, not simply bought by increasing prices. Where video production companies are easy to judge is in the fact that they would have demo material to show how good their work is. Unless you are dealing with a less than credible company who uses other peoples work, it would be pretty easy to be able to determine if their work is worth the price they are asking. Have a look at some of our "business marketing videos". These are complete videos showing an entire video service. It is not a collection of cherry picked shots to make as if we are good at what we do but actually entire company videos.