Corporate Videography companies in Johannesburg Gauteng Including Boksburg, Benoni, Krugersdorp, Sandton, Randburg, East Rand, West Rand and Midrand.

Corporate video production showing city

Corporate video production companies are very different to production companies or production houses. Often businesses make the mistake, when searching for a company to make them a business video, of selecting to search a list of production companies in Johannesburg or Randburg. Production companies are mostly involved with high end video and film services such as TV shows, Movies and TV adverts.

While production companies in Gauteng can certainly do the job of a video production company, their prices are often way higher than those of a corporate videographer.

To find a “Corporate video service” you need to be looking at Corporate Video Production companies and not production companies. While the terms seem very similar, they are very different services.

Not only is there a huge difference in the cost, production companies often work with very large structures which form part of the production as a whole. These include, script writers, producers, directors, camera operators, jib operators, editors, colorists, post production audio staff and sound engineers, and even musicians .

This is often way too much complexity for something such as a business marketing video to be used on YouTube or on a companies website.

Corporate video productions are videos for corporate companies, SMEs, as well as NGOs.

While the term “corporate” might imply that work will only be done for large corporations, it is not actually the case. Corporate video companies are known more for doing work for business which are much smaller than corporations. A more accurate term would be a business video production company but that is not as catchy. So if you have a small business or even an NGO, then what you need is a corporate video production company. Often these companies can cover all the required skills to complete a full video production that can be used as an online marketing tool. These include videos for use such as a YouTube adverts or as a video to be embedded in a website. The types of productions they cover also included induction videos or training videos and even conferences. While conference video is not as popular these days, launch events such as a car launch or a product launch is great to have as a video for online marketing purposes. Even public training, or “How To”, videos can be a great tool for bringing in new customers.

Affordable video for business marketing.

These are all services which can be provide at a very affordable cost in comparison to the larger Production houses in Johannesburg. Using a big marketing company of production house can have your video costing in the hundreds of thousands of Rands. What is the price for a marketing video? Can my small company afford a video? How do I start with making a marketing video? These are all the questions that can be easily ansered by an experienced but not expensive video production company. The cost can rang from a few thousand rand to around R10 000 or R15 000 depending on your needs. If you are wanting to make a collection of blog videos which are short, these can often be filmed togethe rin one day and then edited into series of video. This can make each video affordable. So be sure that you know what type of company you are talking to, and whether they are the right fit your your next video venture.