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Corporate video production company

A corporate video production company (such as Absolutely AV Video Productions) is a video company that focuses its efforts on business related video productions. There are video companies who try do it all including non corporate or business related video such as music videos an personal event videos. A corporate video company really only focuses on the business related video productions. “Why would video companies limit themselves to just one area of production?” you might ask. The reason is that specializing in one specific field of video production means having a lot more focused experience in that part of the industry. As with many things being focused on one area results in greater expertise in that area and less influence from other areas. A corporate videographer would, for example, not have a wedding style imposed on the business marketing video for a client. The look and feel of the video would remain corporate in all aspects as a result of the focus on the styling of corporate video.

Is the look of the video company  just perception?

In many cases it simply that corporate businesses do not see other forms of video production as on a professional level like corporate video. This means that even seeing any other video serves being displayed will reduce the professionalism of the video production company. Even if the other work done in now way affects the corporate video production, it does tend to make businesses feel that the video company is less professional. It may only be an image thing but image can mean a lot when working with businesses. Businesses spend a lot of time and money on branding and imaging so they are very aware of the perception of a business. Therefore anything that does not look as professional as corporate video in their minds detracts from the quality or image of the video company.

How is corporate video filmed differently?

It is not just the filming but just about all aspects of the video production that are different in corporate video as opposed to other forms of video. While the styling is important, their is much less focus on creativity.  the focus is more on looking professional. That is not to say that there is not creativity in corporate video. It is simply not as important. If the business is a creative business that will change. In many cases the equipment is the same. The editing is similar. The results however are different. It really comes down to a mindset. Does the video look like it fits in a professional business portfolio? Some styling from other video serves can be used to enhance the video but it must result in a “corporate” looking video.

Is a corporate video company the same as a marketing company?

The simple answer is no. However there are a lot of overlaps between video production and marketing. The reason is that the video will often be used for marketing. Therefore the producers of the video need to be on the same page as the marketers. That is why you will often find corporate video producers have marketing experience or at least some marketing training. The video needs to be fit for purpose. It makes no sense to have a top of the line marketing plan with a video that does not fit.