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Video blogging done the way that brings new clients.

Blogging is a great way to draw in an audience. Video blogging, or vlogging as it is sometimes known as, can be even more effective. The main difference being that blogs require some professional writing. Very few people will read a blog which is not well written. Most small to medium sized business don’t have professional writers. What this means is managers or owners end up writing content themselves. This can be a waste of time as it may not bring any new audiences.

The idea behind drawing in new audiences is not to build a fan base. The thinking should be to build a steady stream of viewers who may be potential buyers. So even if your blog was extremely entertaining, it may be of little use to your business. It means that your blog must be targeted correctly.

How To USe Video Blogging Correctly.

That said, where does video blogging fit in? You can do video blogging in a number of ways. These include you simply filming yourself using a cell phone or camera. Or you can have a professional videos made by a video production company. Another option is you can have a professional video set which you then run yourself.

Whichever way you choose to do, your video blog or vlog, the end result should be the same.  Blogging should result in you getting new potential customers. You might ask: How do I target my potential clients correctly? With all targeting, you need to start with the correct type of person in mind. This type of person must be definable. Include age, location, type of work they do or business they run and financial level.  Include any other factors that help to more accurately describe your target market.

What To Put In Your Video Blog?

Once you have this person in mind, you need to ask: What do potential clients need? The mistake many newcomers to marketing make, is to just pour out information about their companies as if anyone would be interested. Most, in fact almost all, people who stumble across your blog or video blog will not be interested in your company. This is unless your company is offering what they need.

Many business owners would argue that if the viewer was in the market for their kind of product or service, they would be interested in the video blog and their company’s product or service. This is not how marketing works. Think in terms of you needing to buy a product at a shop. As a buyer you know you need the product and you know you are going to buy it. You are the best kind of potential client. This is because you are in the market for a product and intend to buy.


A Good Example

Now if, for example, you wanted to buy toothpaste and you saw a video blog about a toothpaste brand, or even worse, about the company that makes the toothpaste, would you make a decision there and then to buy that specific toothpaste? Probably not.

The reason you would choose a toothpaste is because it fits your specific needs. For example, the toothpaste may be the type you are looking for with some sort of feature about it like teeth whitening or may just be at the price range that you are happy with. It may offer greater value through a special or be a brand that matches your lifestyle. Either way you would not buy a toothpaste because you saw a video about how a toothpaste company has been in business for 25 years, has 300 staff members, has 35 parking bays, beautiful office area and certificates from three different authorities.

What To Do Before Video Blogging

Before you embark on a video blogging journey, it helps to have a professional video made about your company. Then you will have a company video if people do want to know more about your company and, more importantly, you will be less tempted to keep doing About Us Company Videos when you should be doing interesting video blogs.

Knowing this, why then do many businesses begin marketing, via blogs and video blogs, by talking about their companies? It is simply inexperience and lack of knowledge. All you simply have to ask is: What is my client looking for? Figure that out and then use that as the basis of the idea for your video blogging.

So for example: you figure out that most of you potential clients who buy potted plants from your company to decorate their offices, care about how their offices look. You may then decide to do pod casts about “How To Make Your Offices Look More Corporate” or “Creating a Great Working Environment For Employees”.

This way the person who would be potentially buying your product or service would be drawn in by information that closely relates to your product without being a video about your company, product or service.

The secret?

Now you know the real secret sauce of marketing. And it is important to remember that blogging and video blogs are marketing. Nothing more and nothing less. If you are writing blogs for fun, don’t do them under your business name or under any of your business profiles. Do it under your own name or a pseudonym. Business video blogging is for business only. Do not post pictures of your children or pets on your business blog or video blog.

How Often Should You Vlog?

One of the reasons video blogs and standard blogs fail is lack of consistency. It does not help to start a series and then just abruptly stop because you have run out of ideas.

A great way to keep ideas flowing is to have your YouTube channel, where you host your video blog, have viewers ask you questions. You could include in your video “So you enjoy making your offices more beautiful but what problems do you run into when decorating or arranging your office space?” or “Let me know in the comments, what about working environments, you would like to hear more about”.

This way you may get a constant feed of ideas for videos you can do. And remember they must be ideas that your viewers care about, not you. The first few ideas you will have to come up with to draw the first viewers in and then many of the ideas can come from the viewers themselves.

Video Blogging Should Serve Your Viewer’s Needs, Not Your Own.

Be sure to stay in a range of topics and ideas that constantly interest and draw in your audience of potential clients by focusing on their needs and not your own. In the beginning, it may be very tempting to do a ME type of video. Rather focus on what your potential clients actually need that you can supply and what problems they have that you can solve.For example, the fact that you are reading this blog, could mean you may be asking: How to do video blogging or you may be asking: How do I start vlogging. Answer the question which you believe your potential client has or actual questions given to you by them.