Conference Video Top Tips

Conference Video Top Tips

While having your conference or event go well is of utmost importance, it is also important to remember the factors which affect the corporate video. Although they may seem often to work hand in hand, there are certain instances where the corporate event and the corporate video can work against each other.

The main source of this trouble comes from the projector and the projector screen.

Almost all conferences these days make use of a projector screen and some sort of presentation from a laptop whether a PowerPoint presentation or simply playing a video.

The brightness of the projector can either help or hinder the event.

The first thing to consider is that, if the event will be video recorded, there needs to be enough light for the cameras. While many video cameras can operate in low light, there is always a trade off with quality. Low light produces what is called video noise in the video image. This can sometimes be cleaned up enough in post-production but the video will always be degraded in some way. In some cases there is no way to clean up the low light video enough to make it look professional enough for corporate use.

The best video comes with lots of light but that means the projector screen can get washed out such that the guests can’t see the presentation on the screen.

Low light means clear screen and poor video, while bright light means great video and poor presentation. So how do you get around this?

There are really only two options, and they both include more light.

The first option is to make use of a much brighter projector. That way, when the video production company or corporate videographer turns on the light, the projector screen image is still clearly visible. This means using at least a 6000 to 10 000 lumen projector for a 2.4 meter screen. The presenter should also stand away from the screen to keep lights pointed away from the screen.

The screen is also something you don’t want in the view of the cameras as it can cause flicker in the video and generally looks pretty unpleasing. The other option is to use two screens and have a space in between them where the presenter can be. This way the light can be directed to the open space between the screens and away from the projector screens.

The best results however come from the combination of the two options with two screens with bright projectors. Corporate video production companies in Johannesburg, often are asked to do the impossible, which is to record in low light and produce video like it was shot in bright light while providing this service at a low cost with high quality.

It is important to be realistic and rather assist the camera crew to provide high quality video.

It is very important in this case to not take short cuts with cheap low light projectors or venues that cannot provide brighter projectors or two screens.