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Branding Video for Business

When it comes to making video for your business it is important to know the difference between a branding and a marketing video. Branding with video vs marketing video production is something to that needs to be clearly understood.

In many cases a person wants to get their company exposed to the world. So they consider branding and marketing to be the same thing. Some even confuse a brand with branding.

Knowing the different terms is not just about the ideas but the objectives. Branding and marketing have two different purposes and two different outcomes. Many new-comers to marketing and branding think that the ultimate goal is the same. They think this is to get more customers and therefore more sales. The two paths are however different.

They are part of the same message but achieve two different things. Simply put, branding has to do with the company image and marketing has to do with exposure. So it’s how the company appears to the potential clients versus promotion which result in some form of action. This is also why many small businesses confuse their logo with their brand. Although a company should have a logo and the logo is part the branding, the logo is not the branding.

Company Reputation

To fully understand branding you should consider it as the company reputation and image. So all the parts that make up the company image form part of the branding this includes, the styling of the company as well as how the company is perceived. This means even how other people talk about your company form part of your company’s brand. This why the logo is part of the overall image or branding of the company but it is only a part.

Then the marketing is a way to bring the branding and service offering to potential clients. As an example if a company has a new product, they can use the power of their branding to bring light to the new product which buyers or clients will take to as a result of the trust in the brand.

For example, if an electronics company has an established identity in the public eye, it can offer a new device to the public without having to first build trust in the brand. This means that the new product will be taken up more easily than from an unknown company.

No Name Brands

Many people would point to the success of “no name” brands and say that this goes against this idea, while not realizing that the “No Name” brand is in fact being marketed and brought to the consumer by a trusted brand such as a large chain store or supermarket. This means that the established branding is in fact standing in for the “no name”.

So it is clear that to sell a product or service you need to have an established brand. The brand brings trust so that the marketing can bring results. So how does this apply to making a video for your company?

The reason all of this matters is because you need to know what kind of video you will need to make.

Will it be a branding video or a marketing video?

A marketing video will give the viewer a look at what your company is and what it stands for as well as its reputation.

A great marketing video will stand on the established reputation of the branding video and other branding exercises to bring awareness about a product of service the company offers. Branding with video vs marketing video production is clearly important to knowing how to market. Marketing and branding are different. They have different goals. It will all result in people knowing your business. But you must understand the differences.