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Animation For Marketing Videos For Business.


Animation Marketing Videos.

Animation is a great way to market your business as well as create training videos.

This is a brief explanation about using animation in videos for business.

There are many reasons to choose animation over conventional video filming. These can include cost, simplicity and clarity of message.

Though the many reasons for choosing animation over filming are valid, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

2D animation character showing filming with clapper board

We will look at the different aspect of animation choice as follows:

1) What outcome is needed from the animation videos?

2) What type of animation video will produce that outcome?

3) What budget are you working with?

4) Is animation the right choice?

5) Will the animation actually work in your situation?

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Editing and post production video services. This includes editing of filmed footage as well as graphics, logos, text and colour grading.
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2D and 3D character animation and graphics. Motion graphics and character animation. White board as well as complete 3D set and characters.
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Narration and voice overs for video productions. A great voice over can make a video shine. Also non video voice overs done for a range of services.


When deciding whether to use animation, you need to keep in mind that the outcome may be very different to that of filming video. What are you wanting to achieve with this video?.

To find out if animation is the best fit for your business Ask yourself this: Do you want to improve company branding, are you trying to get a simple message about a deal, or service, across? Is the animation intended to create immediate conversions from new buyers or simply build up a following to make use of at a later stage? Are you wanting to provide a form of training? These different outcomes will need different video types.

2D animation character holding sign

Animation type

The two main forms of animation are 2D and 3D animation. This applies to the characters as well as the background. There are however variations of 2D and 3D animation.

2D animation can be for example explainer drawing animation. It can be full motion character animation or partial motion animation. For 3D animation you can have realistic looking characters and background or a more cartoon look. There is no longer the option of hand drawn animation but there are styles which still match a more computer generated look versus a classic hand drawn look.

3D characters in avocado competition animation

When it comes to marketing with a short commercial or advert, the choices are really dependent on your budget and what look you are going for.

For longer videos such as training videos, often 3D animation and even 2D animation can be way to expensive an option. This is where explainer drawing videos come in. These are videos where a hand is drawing images as a narrator conveys the intended message. These types of animation are often used as explainer videos because they actually explain something.

This is not a good option for character or a story line. The reason is that there is no interaction between the different characters. The images are drawn as the narration continues. For characters to interact, it is best to use conventional 2D or 3D animation.

Budget for animation

there are two parts of an animation that need to be kept in mind. They are the character creation (and design) and the animating of the characters. They form part of the overall video but have very different price structures.

In most cases 3D animation is the more expensive option. 2D in its different variations, is often the cheaper option. This is not always the case because of the number of characters, background and movement needed. Often the start up costs of 3D animation are higher but in the long run may be more affordable because of the flexibility of animation of the characters.

hand drawing 2D animation

Whiteboard or explainer 2D videos are often the most cost effective. Absolutely AV explainer videos start, for example at R 6000 for a 5 minute video including voice. 3D animation would start from R15 000 for a very short video of 30 seconds. This is because characters are created from scratch in 3D. There are also 3D budget video options which do not include character creation.

In most cases, the more customization there is then the higher the cost will be.

Always remember to work out a budget and a roadmap before starting an animation project to avoid surprises.

Is animation the right choice?

Often animation is thought of simply as the cheaper option versus video production companies in Johannesburg producing filmed videos. This is often the case if you do not have people to act in the video or have venues to film at.

It is however not always the case that animation is cheaper the filmed video. If you have people to be in the video and you have the venues, often filming video can be much cheaper than animation.

3D animation of car coming out computer

The choice of whether you decide to go for animation of filmed video should be based on a number of factors.

These factors include: Availability of actors or venues, whether the video can be filmed or is impossible, whether you need specialized equipment to do the filming such as drones, jibs, pin hole or specialized cameras.

The most obvious reason for choosing animation is that what you need to film cannot be filmed. For example if you need to show the inside of a working engine or the core of a running power plant.

Will the animation work?

Animation should not be thought of as simply the cheaper option of video production. You need to consider if the animation will actually work for you.

For example if you are creating a company image for branding then animation can be of little to no effect.

If on the other hand you are wanting to explain a theoretical situation or a process then the whiteboard explainer can work well.

3D anaimtion of robot arm

When you are needing to show character interaction is situations that cannot be filmed then animation makes sense.

If you need the public to connect with specific people in your organization then animation will not work.


There are times when animation is the perfect choice for your videos. They can be appropriate and well priced.

If you decide animation is the right fit for your project, then be sure to work out the budget to fit the animation, length, type and customization.

2D animation character various movements

Be sure that the type of animation, be it 2D, 3D or whiteboard explainer, fits with the look and feel of your video and not just the cheaper option.

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