Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography

Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography in Johannesburg

This page is all about Aerial photography and aerial videography in Johannesburg gautemg.

Absolutely A.V provides production value to your video with a cost effective way of achieving aerial photographs and video by using professional quad-copters.

Aerial shots of your business can make a difference when promoting your company.

Drones mostl commonly used include DJI drones. Mavic pro and other professional drones and quoadcopters complete the fleet of high end video drones. In professional scenarios octocopters are used but these are not as common in corproate video productions.

Aerial videography really provides an additional angle to view your business but mostly offers a high level of production value that turns your corporate video into a spectacular visual marketing tool.

Absolutely A.V offers affordable aerial photography

Only licensed pilots are used by Absolutely AV in the filming of aerial shots for corporate vide. This is important for many reasons but appart from the legal implications, having a professional licensed pilot means getting the best shots that show off your business.