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About Us Videos For Business

About Us videos are as they say, all about your business. These videos are perfect for your “about us” page. Here people can learn all about your business without having to read through pages of information. About-us videos are similar to marketing videos but they focus on your business. This seems to be the opposite to solving a problem or fulfilling a need your clients have. Done correctly this will do both.

Why Do An About Us Videos?

If you are going to make a marketing video for your business why would you need an about us video?

It is important to understand that a marketing video is very different to a an about us video. Although they are often confused with each other they are different . An about us video is the video version of what you would have in text form of your about us page of your website.

The video is a more pleasant and fast paced version of the text. Many companies simply copy and past all their text onto their about us page without thinking that it has a purpose. And does your content fill this purpose? An about us video should not only inform the viewer or reader but actual be part of the total package of convincing a potential client that your business is the perfect fit for them.

What To Put Into An About-Us Video?

Simply stating that your business was established in 1972 will not cut it. Many business make this mistake. This done both with the text and a video if they have one. An about us video should be the little brother to the marketing video.

The marketing video brings potential clients to your web site. Then the “About Us” video should complete the task of convincing the potential client. The about us video is more informative and usually longer because there is more information to cover. However the same mistake should not be made where the content of a video simply becomes a dumping ground of company information. Even worse don’t make a vanity project out of it.

The video, along with the page text, should be just as effective as the marketing video. Take for example a well made advert done for a huge company. The advert brings the viewer to the web page. The other videos do the rest.

A Good Example

Think of a certain music phone company. The adverts are great and the sales people who sell the products are just as amazing. You about us video is the supposed to stand in for your amazing sales person. Would your star sales person welcome people entering your shop by saying “Hi we were established in 1972, we have had 3 different managers and now have 12 branches across the country”? I seriously doubt it. What the sales person would do is welcome the buyer and assure them they have made the right choice by coming to your business as opposed to your competitor.

The about us video should do the same. If you keep this in mind, your about us video can work in tandem with your marketing video. The job is to turn cold leads into hot sales. Many companies in South Africa will spend a lot of effort and money on great marketing videos. They do this without a though for what happens when people actually land on their web page and start looking around.